Gant by Michael Bastian S/S 11 Show

Michael Bastian Spring / Summer 2011
Photos: Betty Sze for
Text: Jonathan Shia

Michael Bastian went for full-on midcentury Americana for his Spring 2011 Gant collection. In a series of vignettes set against soft gray backgrounds, models lounged, chatted, and laughed in looks that were pure and easy visions of eras long past. Baseballs replaced Fall’s lacrosse sticks as the inspirational icon: several items were emblazoned with them, and one group of models stood in front of a dugout scene. Bastian showed a wide range of looks, from beach-ready bikinis to business-like suits, each carrying that all-American stamp both he and Gant are known for. The designer’s revamping of the decades-old brand has been remarkably successful, injecting new life into a label that for years churned out the same striped shirts and khakis every season. Part of the power of the updated Gant is a fresh spirit of youthfulness and energy. The set-up here was effortlessly charming—one couple sat giggling in a rowboat while another looked Hollywood glamorous seated on a row of velvet theater seats—and it was difficult to imagine these smart, casual clothes displayed any other way. It was a helpful reminder that these were, before anything else, clothes to live in.

Casting: Drew Linehan for Trew Productions
Production: Oboe
1-Kyleigh Kuhn, Garrett Neff
2-Patrick Kafka
3-Dave Genat (right)
4-Jonathan and Kevin Ferreira de Sampaio, Florian Bourdila
5-Parker Hurley/Red
6-Remy/Request (right)
7-Ryan Kennedy (left)
9-Taylor Kraemer
10-Jon Esposito, Masha T/Elite


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