Top 10 Newcomer SS11: Britt (Women)

Britt Maren Photographed exclusively for by Hugh Lippe

Well what a surprise!  New York Fashion week actually emitted a clear, bonafide, distinct first season girl who now has every power editor, stylist and designer standing at attention. The girl in question? Women’s new face Britt who in the tradition forged by agency mate Mirte, proved that Girl 1 at Alexander Wang, especially when you are an unknown , can certainly trigger a lot of traction. That traction proved itself when Britt walked Marc Collection the following Monday  and then Rodarte, Michael Kors and Donna Karan during the ensuing week.  That triggered a massive wave wave of requests for the London, Milan and Paris shows. Rest assured that this girl is going to benefit from the kind of flawless management that put her on the map in the first place. It seems in the model-marketing sweepstakes, ” Made In New York” still carries major weight.

  1. can also discuss how women did a great job of re-marketing her? since she had really started a few seasons ago under a different name and agency? i remember seeing her at ben cho, etc.

    i agree she is a “newcomer” this season and amazing in general but i think her story is even more intriguing with all this other info.

  2. Hmmm. I actually think she’s much less of a “bonafide, distinct first season girl” than we’ve seen in previous seasons. There are usually a couple of standout new faces sweeping the charts in NY, but this season, not one girl really, truly made an impact. At least not in terms of making a big splash by booking all the key shows.

  3. @liv: i think Linnea at IMG was a standout… she should certainly be another one of the top ten newcomers this season. but it would be nice to read about how women re-marketed this beautiful girl ^

  4. @glunge but a lot of times it’s like that.. girls like Magdalena, Agyness, they were doing B-list stuff for a while until they had their lucky break.. they just re-introduce the model as a new girl to watch, and all of their B-list past is instantly forgotten.. and it’s okay, the girl is probably new to all the Vogue and W people who are gonna be booking her fron now on.

  5. Oh, i already thought she would be a top ten newcomer. She looks really fresh! What’s her nationality?
    I’m sure Daphne Groeneveld is a top ten newcomer as well.

  6. @carola – i’m aware as i’ve worked with and/or done castings with these girls before their big breaks. it’s just more fascinating to read about the agency machinations that facilitate such “discoveries”. (hi louie.)

    maren stavinoha is from texas. swedish-american background i think. mother agency is neil hamill. formerly with click and ford. to me she has a strong facial resemblance to erin wasson in some angles.

  7. In my eyes a real season counts when the girl books big key shows like Britt did… but moreover I think there are about 2 more New Faces who deserves that state as well.

  8. agree.. i think Daphne Groenevel deserves to be a top newcomer also. what beauty

  9. She reminds me a profesional model from her face :) She is looking a little little bit like Gisele !

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