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Danielle Z. Image courtesy of Derek Dayley for IMG.

As one of the signature models of the 90’s Danielle Z’s brought a stark and graphic beauty to the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and US Vogue as well as every quintessential runway of that day, especially that of Helmut Lang. Now with a clutch of beautiful tears in Vogue Italia shot by Meisel expect Danielle to shine with extra appeal for the upcoming Spring 11 cycle of shows and campaigns.

  1. I’ve been gagging to do a story with her and Jacquelyn J……I would be dope!Always loved her!

  2. One of my top fave girls. Meisel took some amazing photos of her back in the day…MAJOR

  3. Omg… Danielle Zinaich. Oh wait, I see some eyes, nostrils and mouth, overexposure much?

  4. Oh dear lord you make me want to turn in my vagina and stop being a woman!!! Not fair that anyone should be so gorgeous! Hate you!!! (Just a bit mixed with a pinch of WV love) XOXOXO

  5. wow~
    danielle reminds me of maggie rizer,audrey marnay,esther canadas….very 90s~

  6. Looking good, Danielle.. looks like she did 15 years ago, wtf!!

    Ahhh Delfine, she was my favorite model in the early 00’s.. and to this day I haven’t seen a model with a face like THAT, I could not stop looking at her pictures. Is she having a comeback?? I saw her somewhere not too long ago.. maybe a runway show or an agency book.

  7. Im not going to pretend i know each model that appears on this website (unlike some readers who think they´re the biggest fashion connoisseurs around), which is the case with Danielle Zinaich. But i took some minutes of my day to do a little research about her career and i was quite surprised to notice that she was THE ONE FACE i was curious about at the Givenchy Haute Couture presentation some seasons ago – i think it was fall 2009 -, and i just didnt check to get to know her name. Now i consider myself a great admirer of her!

  8. More like Courteney Cox looks like her ;) I do believe Danielle was around before the Friends craze.

  9. You look as young as if you just graduated high school Z. Fly girls forever. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Christy would be appreciative. JM

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