A Decade of Ksubi


Forget Paris and Milan, Sydney is the fashion capital of the moment; Australian fashion week is getting loads of buzz this season and it was there that definitive Aussie brand Ksubi staged its 10th anniversary show. Styled by Brana Wolf and cast by Kannon Rajah, the show featured the best and brightest in local talent, including the in demand beauties  Julia Nobis, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Lauren Brown and classic cool girl, Emma Balfour. For a taste of all the down under action, check our our exclusive backstage shots of the scene behind the show.

Ksubi Ten Year Anniversary Show titled “One via Zero”
Closing show of Australian Fashion Week.

  1. I have always preferred this perspective – raw, illustrative of the actual amount of work that is involved in putting on a show (and covering one).

    I would love to see an editorial focused on the pit alone, with photogs fighting for the prime seating – pulling hair, using a flash as a weapon.

    Thanks for sharing these,

    Kevin (http://dressedfordinner.wordpress.com)

  2. I remember watching a video on Youtube of this model that attached a camera to her garment during the 2010 Ready to wear S/S Chanel show, and you could feel the intensity rising as she took that first step out on the runway and walked. And that’s what I felt just now looking at these photos!

    Good job!

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