Brazilians Do It Better…


MDC presents a special preview of the Made In Brazil magazine, complete with images of all your favorite Brazilian male models; Francisco, Evandro, Marlon, the list goes on and on. Enjoy all of Cristiano Madureira’s revealing photographs, only on MDX.

But wait, there is more! Do you love Brazil? Do you love male models? Can you prove it? Tell us why you should win a free copy of the Made In Brazil magazine and you just might walk away with a special edition. The five most persuasive comments win copies – remember to leave an email address so that we can contact you!

UPDATED July 9th: The winners are announced! Please contact us by July 19th.

  1. i would like win 1 of this 5 awsome magazines because i love Brazil an obviously brazilian models, they are hot and gorgeous. It can be an amazing luck have it and assumed with my friends for having the hotest models of the world haha…


    take care



  2. I love this exclusive and I need this magazine and I need a good excuse to ditch my other coffee table books/magazines. I love Brazil and the beautiful people there. I would love to go to the 2016 Olympics but I doubt I’ll be able to attend. From my heartfelt devotion to Raquel to my loyal appreciation of all things Brazil please grant this to me as a consolation prize.

  3. Eu gostaria de uma cópia gratuita de Made in Brazil magazine porque amo modelos masculinos brasileiros. Sou obcecado com Francisco Lachowski. Amo tudo brasileiro, a sua língua, a sua cultura, a sua moda, e os seus homens.

    Translation: I would like a free copy of Made In Brazil magazine because I love Brazilian male models. I am really obsessed with Francisco Lachowski. I love everything Brazilian, its language, its culture, its fashion, and its men.

    I find Brazilian models to be the most inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Especially Francisco Lachowski. I have never seen such a perfect face with such perfect hair, and all attached to a perfect body. Brazilian male models encompass all aspects of beauty and physical attractiveness: cute, sexy, and gorgeous.

  4. Brazilians Do It Better

    Damn right they do lol
    Brazilian men have this unexplainable appeal, this sensuality,charm and warmth
    They are playfull and fun

    Franicsco lachowski and Marlon teixeira are really my ideal men

    Why should i win a copy of this amazing issue:
    Beause you would make this duych girl extremely happy to have her own such an amazing maazine.
    That i most likley won’t get my hands on beause it’ll be sold out way to fast.

  5. I’m not going to lie and say I’m a fan of all Brazilian aspects. I haven’t tasted their food, and I’m not a fan of their clothing. But one thing I know I do love from Brazil are the men. Especially in the nude. Maybe that plays part in why I don’t like, or at least pay attention, to Brazilian clothing. Oh my goodness do I love them. Love them so much as a non sport fan I watch the Brazilian soccer team play on television with my dad. Sure he doesn’t know my real reasons. At least I think. Meanwhile, I feel I should win one of the issues because I would treasure the magazine for what it’s worth, a true collectable. And I’ve been an Evandro Soldati fan ever since I got intrigued by fashion, and models. I even got the Visionaire 52 Private issue just so I can have a glimpse of his “jewels” at my disposal. I would love to get this issued granted. What a prize?… and I hope I don’t sound like a pervert.

  6. this is the weirdest thing ever. i cant understand the literal obsession with other people, ordinary people at that, that happen to be good looking. its pretty shallow in perverted for how popular it has and will become. from one anonymous male model, to the “fans”. i understand it but, some of this is boarder line offensive. just an opinion that i hope does not go unvoiced.

    the administration.

  7. It’s not that difficult to love Brazil when you’re one of brazilian people. I love Brazil because of its people, because of its places, and most of all because of this warm feeling that we just can feel with brazilian people. And we can see it through male models from Brazil, they’re hot, gorgeous and friendly. They have something we feel just looking at their modeling photos, kinda gift… a brazilian gift to us… because they do it better.

  8. I deserve a copy of this magazine because I am brazilian and I am FCK proud of my country and the beauties that come from there. We have females such as Gisele and Adriana and males such as Jesus Cruz, Bruno Santos.
    I am living in Sydney at this moment but, I am sorry Sydney, there is no man like brazilian ones…..
    I hope my bf does not read it.
    Go Brazil!

  9. i would like win!!!
    i love all the brazilian people, they are so hot!!!
    i would like see the magazine all the time

  10. They said the weather of Brazil is always hot. But I think that is not just it. The 3 HOT stuffs that cross my mind when the name Brazil appears would be Sunshine, Football, and my all time ‘breath taking factor’ – Models!!!

    Flip through any magazines and if any sexy models catch your eyes, I guarantee they are mostly from Brazil. They are my learning example, which is why this Made In Brazil magazine means so much to me since there are still a lot of Brazilian male models whom I do not recognize and this is a great opportunity for me to see how talented they are. Not to leave out Cristiano Madureira.

    Forget about Vogue. Made In Brazil is my new bible!

  11. Hot hot hot

    ^^ lammey, you should seriously consider a change of career… if you don’t understand the most basic human appeal of beauty. We are all sexual beings or there wouldn’t be like 6 billion of us after all no? Some of the greatest art in this world has its roots in desire, where do you think the inspiration for this one came from:

  12. k****@*****.no

    1# I’m a girl, I like boys.
    2# I live in Norway, half a world away from Brazil.
    3# It would be nice to se some tanned skin again.
    4# Norway don’t have that many soamazinglygoodthatIhavetoscream-magazines, and I’ve read all my latest english magazines.
    5# Brazil seems like a fantastic country. Beautiful culture, beautiful people, beautiful nature. Natural beautiful.
    6# I need inspiration.

  13. Haha, give it to the girl above; she’s right about the tanned skin, LMAO

  14. What do u think I got the Brazilian wax and Brazilian blowout for? Send me that mag!!!

  15. why go to brazil to get people who just look white? just an average everyday guy in california to me …

  16. I love Brazil!!! Men are scortching hot!!! Even there when they excuse themselves to go to the restroom, I felt like they danced their way out of the room. They have this sex appeal like no other. And oh my their deep aggressive voices. Evandro Soldati and Francisco Lachowski can whisper in my ear sweet tunes any given day of the week. Please tell me one bares it all!!! Please just send me a copy!!!! I’ll give up meat for the rest of my life if I can have one of those beefcakes.

  17. I deserve a copy cuz i’m worth it !!! Also I am studying super hard for my law finals ! wish me luck ! bisou !

  18. Do you love Brazil? Brazil for me is unexpected, wild, adventurous, beautiful and BIG, pretty much like a mischievous boy you fall in love as a teenager and everyone keeps telling you to get away but you know in your heart “He” is the one. “I wish I could live there.. I am planning on living a long time there.. some day after my 20’s whenever I get rich and famous, hehe” Do you love male models? “I cannot think of anything else but gorgeous men.. showing off their god-given beauty for us to admire and rejoy with” Can you prove it. “Bring them all to meee!! I will surely show ’em sum love!”

  19. Four reasons why I, Andrew, deserve to win a copy of the inaugural issue of Made In Brazil magazine:

    1) I love Latin America. I always have, it’s always been in my mind. Tanned skin, olive skin, brown skin, pale skin; the diversity of the continent is astounding, Brazil especially. And to top it off, the amount of spoken tongues is purely stunning. I’m pretty much in adoration mode whenever I see Thiago Santos, Aline Weber or any Brazilian model really doing their thing.

    2) I appreciate and admire magazines. The amount of work that goes into putting a single issue is daunting. The elements of design even psychology applied when putting an issue together is an art that is taken for granted. If I were to win this issue, it would have a great home among my modest shelf full of fashion magazines alongside a Portuguese dictionary which I’ll use to furiously translate the contents of the magazine.

    2) I live in a pretty small city outside of San Francisco and while it’s about 40 miles away from that little metropolis, it’s incredibly mundane here. It would be nice to bring something new and breezy into the picture.

    3) In the words of Janelle Monáe, this might be me “confusing bling for soul”. Do I really need to be writing this long arse plea for this magazine instead of studying for midterms? Definitely. Why? Because Brazil is busting out on the global scene, the 2010s are where Brazil leaps. I’d like to have a little piece from the beginning to show what it was like.

    Brazil, you had me at Olá.

  20. Excuse the numbering of the above post. Let’s just pretend I’m an android with sensory delay issues.

  21. I should win the magazine because Brazil intrigues me. No other country has a true mixture of humanity like Brazil, and even the European Brazilians have a wildness to them. I love Brazil. And Male models!! I can spend hours reading about Mathias Lauridsen, Francisco Lachowski, Jon Kortajarena and looking through their photo archives.

    Also, my mom is a homophobe and I like to defy her, and this would be the perfect thing.

  22. Greetings from the Philippines! I want my Made in Brazil Special Edition magazine right NOW!!! Because Brazil like the Philippines j’adores hot Male Models from Brazil like Fabio Ide and Evandro Soldati! Besides that I live the Brazilian way of showing SEXINESS : by Being Confident in your own body and swaying my hips to the SAMBA! Can’t get enough of their sexiness!

  23. Brazil, Brazil, Brazil.

    No other place on earth has such a rich music and dance culture, the incredible music is a natural part of daily life and brings joy and sensuality to everyone’s heart. This playful attitude towards life and their care and love for friends and family makes Brazilians feel better with themselves and these are some of the main reasons why Brazilians are so superb. Another reason is their cultural mix; their genetics makes them one of the most stunning people on earth. Last, but not least, Brazilian men use jewellery, dress sensually, plug their eyebrows and have beautiful hair. Western men could learn from that!

  24. It’s a magazine filled with beautiful men photographed by a fabulous photographer. I don’t think I have to give more reasons why I have to have one of those magazines.

  25. I should win this magazine because I’m brazilian and the mag is not avaliable here on Brazil.

  26. I would love to win this AMAZING Magazine with the reasons I will explain in this simple comment.
    I study in New York city, in Parson the new school for design in Menswear. I have been a huge fan of the male faces of Brazilian Models. I love their look, appeal, and style. I have been always geared to inspiration in their beautiful country. As a kid, I have always traveled and one of the places I have never even been too is Brazil, and its one of my many regrets. I have been to Prague up to the busy streets of China, but Brazil is still a mystery to me. Its one of my countries that I just have to visit but never really got the chance. I can go on and on, on how the country is beautiful along with its people but thats not the comment’s point.

    I really hope you pick me. I love magazines and men. Men in Magazine especially models that I love and adore. The photographer is amazingly talented.

    … and in obvious reasons, the men are hot and when they probably printed the magazine it went on fire on how hot it was. (bad joke) Haha, I almost died when I saw this. My favorite Mateus Verdelho.

    Please, with all the hopes in my heart, I hope you pick me.

    if u dont get the mag from that this is fixed lol….no but i really want one

  28. Cause I am Brazilian, I am a Student, I Wake up early every days, I work in the fashion bussiness, walk a long time every day to come in the work, it’s just cause I LOVE THE FASHION BUSSINESS AND PHOTOGRAPH and I will see a shooting star and make this wish…

  29. Revealing photographs you say? Well that would be reason numero uno, but for someone who isn’t necessarily a world traveler I would love my own little piece of Brazil. Something that I can use to escape from reality when it becomes dull (as it inevitably always does). Theres the eye candy and then theres the fashion, two great things to make one epic book. Some high fashion, and Brazilian spice makes everyone happy, especially me ;)

  30. I truly deserve a limited edition copy of Made In Brazil, because I’d like to get a taste of Brazil’s one-of-a-kind offerings. I have loaded my brain, beyond human capacity, trying to figure out what is the deal with Brazil? How is this place able to produce some of the world’s most exotic creatures? Maybe its the sun, maybe is the water. At this point I really don’t know, but maybe Made in Brazil magazine could help me figure this out. Any little bit of information will contribute to my research.

    Thank You,

  31. Because:
    I’m lucky I live in this beautiful and warm country!
    I am lucky to see these beauties from very close!
    I share the smile of Gisele Bundchen, Raquel Zimerman Force, the color of Emmanuele De Paula and the sexapell of Jesus Luz.
    Just because Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro, vou cantarte nos meus versos!