Ford’s New Forces


Helle/Ford Models Polaroid by Paul Rowland

Ford has two new propositions glossed and ready for client consideration.  Up to bat for the new team is  Angel Rutledge and Helle, two girls that give the feeling of a clean pristine beauty that serves as  sure sell.


Angel/Ford Models Polaroid by Paul Rowland

  1. Angel looks interesting,but for the record, i believe she was “up to bat” for the old team.

  2. well done by PAUL ???
    these girls are from the old team at ford
    nothing to do with PAUL

  3. This allaboutmodels guy should think twice if she/he wants to post something with sense or just links from her/his blog! Annoying! :D

    and it’s not like paul is the best agent ever just because he takes some cool polaroids lol

  4. Old Team?? Angel hails from the city of Angels, scouted by Ford LA and is only recently a new arrival in NY. Congrats to Paul for taking a Ford girl in the right direction…. finally.

  5. She’s PERFECT!!! Whoever scouted this one has the Midas touch…anybody know who found her?

  6. Probably at Ford before Paul took over?? They don’t look like Paul girls to me…

  7. All though both girls are quite beautiful Angel seems to classic, but Helle has a lot going for her she has the face of a Ford Model. I have a feeling Helle will go far in her modeling career.

  8. they are amazing, rather been there before , why we are seen just now??? seams someone was missing a few pieces overthere…. and this is how you see the big change !!!!!!
    amazing congrts to Paul and Ford

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