Top 10 Newcomer FW 10: (Bonus) Kirsi (Viva Paris / DNA)


Kirsi Pyrhonen. Polaroids courtesy of Viva via Brand Model Management.

Finnish newcomer Kirsi was one of the Prada exclusives this season who landed in Paris on a extremely restricted schedule (school duties). Even then Ms Pyrhonen landed berths at Givenchy and Loewe. Now her very unique features have earned her the attention of some of the most vital photographers and designers on the editorial and campaign market. Expect an impeccable follow through on the part of this young lady.

  1. Absolutely love her and hope she makes a career as big as Suvi, or bigger even. Don’t love these makeup free of her I keep seeing everywhere though.

  2. sleepy eyes.
    looks like she just woke up.
    take new photos.
    nice lips. good bod?

  3. @Lisa T

    Her body rocks, not in a VS sort of way of course, but it’s long, lean & sharp.

  4. I’ve already mentioned her hair once before and I still think she needs a cut and some color. Think of all the models who cemented their status getting the right, of the minute-hair; Linda, Trish, Nadja, Karen, Agyness and Ranya to name a few. Not a bad company.

  5. she’s very nice but this picture is a little unfortunate because she looks like if she was stung by an insect and her face is swelled.

  6. Lots of Finnish girls have eyes like hers (including me), it’s just the way our ethnicity shows. She might have some Sami blood in her, or even some eastern genes, who knows, and both would explain some of her features. All I know is that she looks gorgeous, so different from all the other “it” models. She’s unique, not a model who looks like she came from a factory line with a bunch of others exactly like her.

  7. Yes many Finns have this fascinating eastern, even Asian touch… They are a cocktail of Scandinavia, Central-Europe & Siberia…

  8. hmm, i wouldn’t call her pretty or stunning but yes i can see now that she has a very clean, pure feel to her. i also agree with adrianito ^

    and also, her eyes are small but not necessarily ‘chinese’. don’t get me wrong, that’s not an unflattering description but it is a much-stereotyped one. sorry to be all PC..

  9. if you read the requirements of the site, you would see that NO MAKEUP PHOTOS are a necessity for photographers and talent scouts to see the models natural beauty and bone structure.

    What a shame that so many people take the time to post silly comments about how she should have ‘brushed her hair’ or she looks like she ‘just woke up’

  10. I agree with MDC_424639 that is silly to post mean comments like that while Kirsi does not look like the stereotyped “classically beautiful” in the picture this is what she looks like with make-up off and personally I think she has great bone structure and great skin so don’t comment rudely about her face because though she is not classically pretty in THIS photo, modeling scouts look for it factor and edginess in a models face and without make-up on Kirsi oozes it factor from her pores GO KIRSI I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK YOU’LL GO FAR IN MODELING I’S POSITIVE

  11. Really like her.
    She’s going to be big, got a feelin.
    I agree that Scandinavian does have distinct feature.
    And no it’s not the same with Chinese eyes. Almost similar, but not the same. If you put Liu Wen pic beside this, you’ll see the different. Beauty is various and colorful.

  12. Have to disagree about lots of Finnish girls looking like this. I mean she is really pretty, but in all honesty doesn’t look particularly Finnish. 0_o She has a somewhat exotic look, might have some Sami/Russian/gods-know blood in her which gives her the different features. Wish her success, and hoping she’d gain a little weight…

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