Ann de Rijk /  DNA Models : Images courtesy of DNA

With a slot in the Prada campaign, a story in Vogue Italia and a star that keeps on rising, Anna de Rijk is among the most interesting faces to emerge in recent memory. While she has all the hallmarks of classic beauty – clear blue eyes, flawless skin, the perfect chin dimple – there is still something inscrutable that makes her stand out. Her striking presence in editorials reveals a power hidden beneath those delicate features. Keep an eye on this one – great things lie ahead.




  1. She looks AMAZING in her Prada shot!

    Betty- Is Alice Burdeu still signed with Elite/Marilyn?

  2. I think she is lovely! Think a gain… right! First seen, First loved.
    We should dream of…

  3. nice!
    Betty do you know if DNA still are using polaroids or are these ones digital?

  4. Definitely one of the best faces to hit the market lately! The face is unbelievably beautiful and there’s a distinctive 70’s feel about her look. The above shots evoke the beauty that can be only seen in old highschool yearbooks. She is the girl who makes retro cool all over again.
    The Prada campaign and the Vogue Italia editorial have definitely sealed her status as the most interesting newcomer, but the future will surely bring us more of her to love!

  5. xx, I believe DNA is using a large format (4×5 maybe) polaroid camera these days. Beautiful!

  6. Anna de Rijk is fantastic ! Beauty ,brains and a great girl to work with ,she deserves everything good that is coming to her !Hope to see a lot of her in the near future !;-)

  7. so cute ~!
    i’m korean student ..;; gg
    i can’t english bbb
    sorry ….

    um………. i want model …but .. my height is 169cm ..48kg .;;^^;;

    bye bye

  8. dear anna
    from your mother Pieke i got this website adress
    i wish you good luck in NY and lots of fun
    love anneke and menno

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