Following campaign glory, Vaughan Ollier flexes other model muscles opening and closing Anna Sui

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In fashion, word-of-mouth is king, so when a model starts to bag back-to-back bookings it means positive reviews are traveling fast. What better to create a casting domino effect than say-so from Steven Meisel? We only just laid eyes on Vaughan Ollier when Marc Jacobs rolled out their Spring/Summer Meisel-shot campaign before seeing her again in Vera Wang (this time with Inez and Vinoodh). Flash forward to New York Fashion Week where it would appear that word has also traveled. The model was spotted not only opening Anna Sui, but closing it, too. Add in noteworthy runway turns for Vera Wang and Sies Marjan and it appears she’s got that special something. We wanted to know more about the sensation of a sudden come-up.

Vaughan on being Vaughan
Hi! I’m half Australian and half American by way of Dallas, Texas. My family and I traveled back and forth a ton so I pretty much grew up in two VERY different places… and hemispheres. I was discovered walking around the mall on my birthday with friends in Dallas. I accidentally pushed into a woman outside a store––she turned out to be the owner of a modeling agency and asked me to come in for a meeting. Before that, I was in school double-majoring in cultural studios and sociology. Once I finished University in Australia I wanted to try out modeling and see what type of creative side I hadn’t yet tapped into.

On the experience of opening and closing Anna Sui
Honestly it felt surreal. I really did not even know that was possible on a show! Working with Anna and the team was everything. She is such a kind, creative person who makes you feel good just by being around her. To say it was an honor to open and close her show is an extreme understatement. I don’t think there are appropriate words to be honest! Phenomenal? Extraordinary? Miraculous? I do have a deep, special love of vampires and old Hollywood drama SO getting to embody this collection made it even more special. When I was a kid I’d watch the old black and white Dracula played by Bela Lugosi so it felt like I was re-enacting one of those old films.

On what caught her off guard during her first fashion week
I mean, probably getting to open and close Anna Sui. Even just typing that out feels surreal. It came and went so quickly I wish I could relive it. But…also getting to see so much behind the scenes action, looks from the designers at fittings, et cetera. It’s always exciting to see such a crucial part of the creative process.

On what she’s learned being on set with Steven Meisel and Inez and Vinoodh
At first I really wondered what it would be like to work with Steven, and Inez and Vinoodh. They are icons in the industry––all so creative and empowering. I really learned just to be myself and enjoy the moment. Never have I felt more free spirited than when shooting with Steven, or more confident than with Inez and Vinoodh. When we are on set shooting I just let go. I’ve been so lucky that everyone I have worked with is so incredible and I think I just reflect the electricity and energy that they give me!

On what she’s doing while writing to us
What am I doing? Lying on my couch, shoes off, music playing, heavily-feathered makeup still perfectly intact from Vera Wang’s show this morning…taking a small break from the craziness in the world before I have to jet somewhere else.

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