A Closer Look At Mark Carroll

Mark Carroll/Look. Photo: Bruce Weber / from the Abercrombie & Fitch web site
It’s that time of year again when the men’s market has an Abercrombie and Fitch moment. And this season’s it is Look’s Mark Carroll who turns heads for the brand. Very super-hero no?

  1. Kind of funny how out of all the Abercrombie & Fitch photos I’ve seen at the stores, this one has always been the most memorable. I met a gentleman named Tim, a realtor in the East Bay, CA who must know him. Mark is so handsome!

  2. This is my Grandson and I think he is a great model, he has always been adorable even as a baby! Love him!

  3. omg i met him ipop! nd he was so niice and yes very handsome! Good luck i will def. always remember u! haha good luck in chapman <333

  4. OMG i met him him at i pop too! so HOTT i culdnt stop getting my picture takin with him and sean!!!!!!!! o well my sis still got one of their numbers!!!!!! luv ya mark!!!!!!!!!!! well good luck with all u do in life!!!! i hope i c u again sumtime!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t look now ladies…he is the face of A&F for Spring 2009 again…now there are 2 of him…

  6. I met Mark at Ipop Las Vegas 2009 and he was nice,professional and made everyone feel welcome. It was his first time interviewing contestants and he did great. I would love to book a job modeling together someday… Good Luck with a great career ahead of you.

  7. My friends & I hung out with him at IPOP! LA 2009 :)
    he’s so sweet & down to earth.

  8. Hopefully one day he’ll discover the cure for cancer and actually be of some importance on this planet.

  9. OMG he is amazing!!!! i had an audition at iPOP!!!! he is so amazing and cute i got a autograph and he said i was awesome and i spelled my name kool i might see him agian lol but he is amazing and so wonderfull!!!
    iPOP 2012

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