1. Kind of funny how out of all the Abercrombie & Fitch photos I’ve seen at the stores, this one has always been the most memorable. I met a gentleman named Tim, a realtor in the East Bay, CA who must know him. Mark is so handsome!

  2. This is my Grandson and I think he is a great model, he has always been adorable even as a baby! Love him!

  3. omg i met him ipop! nd he was so niice and yes very handsome! Good luck i will def. always remember u! haha good luck in chapman <333

  4. OMG i met him him at i pop too! so HOTT i culdnt stop getting my picture takin with him and sean!!!!!!!! o well my sis still got one of their numbers!!!!!! luv ya mark!!!!!!!!!!! well good luck with all u do in life!!!! i hope i c u again sumtime!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t look now ladies…he is the face of A&F for Spring 2009 again…now there are 2 of him…

  6. I met Mark at Ipop Las Vegas 2009 and he was nice,professional and made everyone feel welcome. It was his first time interviewing contestants and he did great. I would love to book a job modeling together someday… Good Luck with a great career ahead of you.

  7. My friends & I hung out with him at IPOP! LA 2009 :)
    he’s so sweet & down to earth.

  8. Hopefully one day he’ll discover the cure for cancer and actually be of some importance on this planet.

  9. OMG he is amazing!!!! i had an audition at iPOP!!!! he is so amazing and cute i got a autograph and he said i was awesome and i spelled my name kool i might see him agian lol but he is amazing and so wonderfull!!!
    iPOP 2012

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