Top 10 Newcomers NY: Meghan Collison


Meghan/Supreme Management . Ph. Paul Rowland exclusively for MDC

It’s a truly new, newcomer who kicks off MDC’s Top 10 Newcomers list this season, and that’s because Miss Collison is that rare ideal all agents dream of. How many models arrive in NY, just before show week and find themselves lensing Vogue Italia with Meisel, Pop with Mert n Marcus, Vogue Paris with Bruce Weber and British Vogue with Testino. Those blue chip credentials would be enough to ignite any girl’s career but in the case of instant star, Meghan Collison the buzz among clients ringing in for this girl is hitting maximum levels. Expect to see her walking for only the best of the best .


Meghan/Supreme Management . Ph. Paul Rowland exclusively for MDC
And how does this 18 year old Canadian feel about her A level entry into the modeling business, ” It’s crazy just to see yourself…how a little hair and make-up and the right outfit can totally transform you. And you’re wearing, like, a jacket that cost more than anything you’ve ever owned in your life!” OTM suspects there’s about to be a LOT of hair and make-up and thousand dollar outfits in Meghan’s life over the next two weeks!

  1. Hey, Meghan, every once in a while, I’ll put our last name in the system to see what pops up-wow, what a surprise, a Collison that is a model! I have researched our last name and the only thing that comes up is that most of the family has at one time or the other been through Canada. I don’t know how my parents got the idea to move to San Diego from Philly, but there isn’t a day I don’t thank them for it! Anyhow, just thought I’d say hello, and wish you good luck on your career-make lots of money, but most importantly, be happy, take care of your friends and family, because you don’t know what you have until it’s too late. Later, Don, {Katana}, Collison.

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