Top Ten New Faces SS 07: Iekeliene

Iekeliene/Marilyn (NY) Select (London) Ph. Sterling/MDC

You are living out the pages of Juergen Teller’s “Go-Sees” book. You are sitting through another long day of casting as a steady parade of 5′ 11″ beauties with faces like startled 12 year olds march past. It’s clear that most have been carefully packaged by their agencies to be as neutral and fashion familiar as possible. And then Iekeliene Stange walks in and you wonder if something unusual was slipped in your Starbucks this morning. You know Iekeliene Stange from her striking front of the book W July spread and you know her from her audacious images in the current issues of French Vogue and V Magazine. But nothing prepares you for the sight of the aerodynamic line drawing of her body draped in a lace trimmed plaid dress, underscored by a tulle underskirt, white stockings, a string of pearls…and hang on… are those frameless 80’s style Cazal sunglasses playing off the little crystal nose piercing? Language is hard right now but you manage to ask Iekeliene where she’s from. “Holland but I live in London these days. Where’re you from?” You hope you sound coherent, but even as you speak you know this girl with the line perfect body, the skin that looks like marble and the graphic sheet of hair is what everybody waits for every season…

Iekeliene/Marilyn. (NY), Select (London) Ph. Sterling/MDC

…unique, intelligent and charismatic beauty. Add Iekeliene’s welcome enthusiasm for dressing up and that runway perfect walk and what you have is a star.

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