Jen Kao S/S 11 Show

Jen Kao Spring/Summer 2011

Photos: Betty for
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Is S/S 2011 the season for reinvention? Jen Kao seems to think so, the sultry and in your face designs she has become known for were noticeably absent from her runway this season. In their place was a romantic bohemian look with a focus on all things light and lacy. Carefully constructed crochet dresses and frothy silk gowns were standouts and skin was still a motif, with flesh tones dominating the palate. A mix of sheer fabrics and cutouts provided a suggestive peak, but navel skimming crop tops and a touch of corsetry were about as risque as the pieces got. Still, Kao’s take on boho is sure to be met with a warm welcome by anyone with a yuppie budget looking to unleash their inner hippie.

Jen Kao Spring/Summer 11
Styling: Keegan Singh
Casting: Daniel Peddle
1-Kel/Supreme, So Young/Marilyn, Ranya Mordanova
2-Barefoot and beautiful
3-Katharina Friedrich, Melodie/Wilhelmina, Anais Pouliot
4-Victoire/Silent,Hind Sahli
5-Bambi Northwood Blyth/Elite
9-Antonella Graef
10-Simone Carvalho
11-Kelly Moreira, So Young, Victoire,
14-Lindsey leads the pack
15-Lovely ladies

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