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Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 1st, 2013

i-D’s Kate Moss Covers Exclusive Launch

There can only be one! i-D salutes 20 years of the supermodel of the ages, Kate Moss, with 4 covers of the British beauty shot by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, hair and concept by Luigi Murenu and styled by i-D fashion director, Charlotte Stockdale. Presented in ultra-glamorous fashion the industry’s ultimate muse radiates luxury, glamour and the mysterious aura that has made her a legend. The alphabetical issue, offers an A-Z on the looks of now and seeing Kate in the best of the spring/summer collections is simply enthralling. Experience the covers in our exclusive preview – only in MDX.

Hop on to on Monday to view the other three covers, the rest of the editorial and the Kate archives.

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6 Comments to “Some girl named Kate – i-D”

  1. GP says:

    She looks fawless.Wonder how much photoshop has been done?

  2. She’s so nice! And Daniele + Iango are so great! i-D is promoting them massively, wich may seem boring to some readers, but to me is great, even though I’d like a bit of Solve Sunsbo back (maybe there’s a huge editorial of his own in this issue – who knows?).

  3. col says:

    I have to say that I’ve seen Kate Moss transcend from mere junkie next door too the girl of legend and myth. Honestly her management have over populated her face and myth, which is stupid as Kate Moss was always the cool girl, the girl we wanted to “think” we know.

    It’s time that Kate lead by her gut instinct rather than her management, because i can’t say about anyone else but I’m bored of seeing Kate Moss’s face everywhere?

  4. kay says:

    4th picture (where Kate is lying on the floor) would make such a great Prada Campaign!!!
    The picture is beyond perfect!

  5. Sam Way says:


    What on earth are you going on about? The fact that after 23 years she still is everywhere is testament not only to Moss’ self management but her management’s too. In a profession where five years is considered a long career to have achieved what she has is a phenomenal achievement.

    If she was still the “cool girl” she would have been over with the waif craze, cool is ephemeral and changes constantly, season to season, she’s gone way past cool to a part of the establishment.

  6. MIssy says:

    Im so tired of hearing about Photoshop. ALL models, on every campaign, on every editorial gets airbrushed so quit bringing up this issue every time we see Kate. The woman is almost 40 and is still amazing. If you a job well done, you hire Kate Moss.