Siki Im S/S 13

Posted by Betty Sze | September 10th, 2012

Siki Im S/S 13

For Spring 2013, the starkly minimalist designer Siki Im took inspiration from the life of painter Georgia O’Keeffe, a visionary spirit of the American West who spent much of her time in her later life working in the parched expanses of New Mexico’s desert. Deer skulls—a favored O’Keeffe idée fixe—appeared as an oversized abstract print, while clay and bone necklaces also played on the organic theme. But the collection was, as a whole, less about her art and imagery than about herself and the clean lines she often donned for her husband Alfred Stieglitz’s photographs. Im has always been known for his cleanliness, which here took on an air almost of asceticism, in the flowing drapery of the floor-length A-line skirts, the softness of the knit sweaters, the sturdiness of Jeremy Young’s leather vest. The boys wore nubby wool socks with their Teva sandals, and had their hair packed down above the neck with a crumbling clay that was also evocative of a sere landscape. There was a clever variety of shapes and forms, some soft and rounded with sloping shoulders, others built up to a sharp angle. The models all returned shirtless for the finale, an effect that in other hands would be cause for wolf whistles, but here felt more like a purification down to the most basic simplicity.

Designer: Siki Im
Stylist: David Vandewal
Hair: James Pecis
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey
Casting: John Tan

Text: Jonathan Shia
Images: Betty Sze for

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5 Comments to “Siki Im S/S 13”

  1. viola says:

    Excuse me,I would like to ask you who’s the Asia model in this picture, I really want to know,thank you !!

  2. yay says:

    He’s Sung Jin Park with Willhelmina hailing from South Korea.

  3. viola says:

    Thank you for answering this question !

  4. FE says:

    Love your work Betty!

  5. I would like to know who is the model with a tattoos … one on his chest and also his arm ..
    thanks alot 🙂