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Love Rocks

Mo&Co. doesn’t do things by halves, so when it was time to celebrate their 10th anniversary the brand pulled out all the stops creating a film that celebrates the label’s heritage while encapsulating the look of the moment. Frequent campaign star Freja Beha Erichsen and Chinese supermodel Liu Wen star in a black and white short film of Karim Sadli’s campaign images come to life. Focusing on personal interpretations of chic as well as the minimalist, contemporary style MO&Co. is known for, the film pays tribute to the universality of fashion. In Sadli’s capable hands the message of effortless yet modern dressing comes across perfectly in the campaign images and on the backs of muses Liu and Freja the MO&Co. designs have never looked better. The simple, evocative film hammers home everything essential about the MO&Co. brand all while making viewers eager for another 10 years of excellence.

MO&Co. Love Rocks!
Video Directed by Swell
Makeup by Hannah Murray
Hair by Damien Boissinot (Jed Root)
Producer Sylvia Farago
Behind the scenes photos by Barbara Anastacio


MO&Co. talks to Freja Beha

Do you come across as a different “you” after becoming a super model?

Freja: I can reveal emotion and express myself casually in front of the camera. That is the most different thing. I think I prefer to believe in the camera and it’s good when the “real me” can be captured.

Please describe your style in a word. How do you describe Boy-girl Chic?

Freja: Simple and unruly. Kind of a low-profile-rock style. I love the purity of black, white, grey, and the neat cutting. Boy-girl Chic is a style. Actually, it’s a natural expression. Almost everyone has dual characters, male and female. The popularity of unisex style conforms to this kind of spirit.


MO&Co. talks to Liu Wen

People say you are a “game changer” of Chinese super models. How do you treat your achievement? As a Chinese model of the new generation, what’s your opinion about the influence that Chinese super models bring to the current fashion field?

Liu Wen: I’m not the one to change the game’s rules. My achievement depends on everyone’s effort. I’m happy to be known as a “Chinese model of new generation”. Actually I’ve been working in this industry for a long time. However, I still love it as though it were the beginning. Chinese models influence the international fashion field much more than before, because we have more chances to communicate with the whole world and show our oriental charm. It’s not only the models that are changing the perception, but also the designers.

In your opinion, what are love, style, and fun?

Liu Wen: For me, love is belief and dependence. It makes me devote myself and also to gain everything. I’m not in a relationship right now. The gathering of belief and dependence needs time. Style is manner and creation. It allows me to be myself. It’s also kind of an external interpretation. Fun is wild and crazy. We are free and happy in the wild. Happiness allows me to release myself infinitely. Sometimes like a crazy girl.


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    There’s nothing glamourous about smoking…

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