Document #2 – Exclusive Preview

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 24th, 2013


Document Journal #2 – Exclusive Preview Pt.1

With its first edition‘s intelligent commentary on culture, art and fashion, Document Journal offered a powerful and fresh take on what a magazine can be, and this second issue is sure to cement its position as the best read in fashion. Each issue is filled with impressive visual content, but unlike many magazines beautiful editorials aren’t all Document has to offer. Editors Nick Vogelson and James Valeri continue their exploration of collaborations between artists, authors and intellectuals. This must-view edition of which this is but a small sample, includes photographer Mario Testino talking about his art collection on one page and a thoughtful profile of PS1 founder Alanna Heiss on the next, and Rick Owens interviewing his personal muse, groundbreaking performance artist Kembra Pfahler, in a story that provides insights into both personalities. Document also catches up with Larry Clark on the eve of Kids’ 20th Anniversary, enlisting the film’s star fashion legend, Chloë Sevigny to interview.

On the fashion side the four covers with stars Karlie Kloss, Jamie Bochert and Lindsey Wixson are looking stellar. Inside new editorials from of the moment names like Jack Pierson, Maripol, Catherine Servel and Will Davidson are simply stunning. Photographers Bela Borsodi and Daniel Sannwald push visual boundaries with their work using unusual techniques. Have an exclusive first look at the issue only in MDX.

Cover photos:

Collaboration between Jamie Bochert, artist Bjarne Melgaard art directing, Proenza Schouler (casting and clothing), and photographer Cedric Buchet. Fashion Editor Sabina Schreder. Hair stylist Charlie Taylor. Makeup Pep Gay.

Karlie Kloss by Collier Schorr Fashion Director James Valeri. Hair stylist Holli Smith. Makeup Jeanine Lobell

Karlie Kloss by Daniel Jackson Fashion Editor Benjamin Bruno. Hair stylist Didier Malige. Makeup Francelle

Lindsey Wixson by Paul Wetherell Fashion Director James Valeri. Hair stylist Kevin Ryan. Makeup Pep Gay




Spencer Sweeney: A Self-portrait for Document / Curated By Parinaz Mogadassi


Photographer Bela Borsodi | Models Patricia van der Vliet, Katlin Aas @ Marilyn | Fashion Editor: Sabina Schreder






Karlie Kloss | Photographer Collier Schorr | Fashion Director James Valeri

Film by Micah Perta & Ana Sanchez | Photographer Bela Borsodi | Models Patricia van der Vliet, Katlin Aas @ Marilyn | Music Zebra Katz

Ashleigh Good @ Ford | Photographer: Daniel Sannwald (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists) | Fashion Director: James Valeri

Julia by Maripol | Fashion editor Tom Van Dorpe (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists)






Photographer Jack Pierson | Fashion Editor Victoria Bartlett (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists)



Marie Piovesan by Photographer Maciek Kobielski | Fashion editor Joanne Blades



Artist Bjarne Melgaard

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12 Comments to “Document #2 – Exclusive Preview”

  1. Mathew says:

    Why Karlie, Karlie and Karlie?

    I don’t understand your supervalor, I swear! For me your image is to saturate and no valorized, She is in all, but no is what the peoples want see and all pictures around the world, I agree and compreend she is one amazing catwalker, is unmatchable, but others models need space in the fashion world, I prefer for example Nadja Bender or Carolla Remer, Joan Smalls or Laís Ribeiro.

    Karlie is a super, one top, one mega, but no is the only model in the wolrd, sorry!

  2. Mathew says:

    p.s.: I love your job, but no in all.

  3. Jess says:

    I can’t believe i’m about to say this but… Karlie looks hot.

  4. Andrew says:

    Jeah, she’s so hot in the b&w gif.

  5. Teng says:

    Lindsey just gets more and more beautiful with time. She is exquisite.

  6. nicole says:

    Lindsey literally has the most beautiful face. Perfect features. That’s the picture to show to a plastic surgeon of all the perfect features put in one face. Bright blue eyes, arched eyebrows, perfect full shapely lips. Symmetry. Wow.

  7. J. Appleseed says:



  8. S. says:


    I’m fine with Karlie being on the cover. I’m fine with her. I don’t necessarily adore her, but I do like her. I do have to admit I’d buy the one with Lindsey though, on a matter of personal taste.
    Asides from that, we do get to see some nice fresh faces in this edition, such as Ashleigh Good and Marie Piovesan (with whom I’ve been quite obsessed lately). They might have not made it to the cover, but they both looks stunning here.
    On a different matter, I must admit I’m by no means a fan of Nadja Bender. Never been.

  9. Hanna.V says:

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait for the whole thing to be out.
    About the model matter, I do like Karlie’s red lipstick cover, she does look hot but overall I’m getting a bit bored of constantly seeing her everywhere. I do like Lindsey and she looks pretty and fresh here, what’s always good. I do believe the other models need a bit more exposure, I honestly don’t understand the market’s favoritism

  10. ash says:

    No one else can take a close-up with barely any makeup as well as Lindsey Wixson. That girl is beauty personified.

    @ Hanna V- I get what you’re saying. I think at least with Karlie’s covers it’s about the girl of the moment. You’re right though in that the actual pictures of her isn’t different from what we’ve already seen. I can’t help but notice the lipstick drawn outside the mouth lines.

    Lindsey’s cover is essentially a hard shot for any model to nail and Jaime’s is very different.

  11. wils says:

    Lindsey’s photos are so damned good!

    Regarding Karlie being the cover girl, it is like a decade ago, why Gisele Gisele Gisele.. Because both are simply amazing..

  12. nimron says:

    Who is the very last male model please ?