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Posted by | July 10th, 2017
The start of New York Fashion Week: Men’s today marks the end of the year in men’s shows, a whirlwind tour across London, Milan, Paris, and New York that plays out twice annually in both the depths of winter and the heights of summer. Last week, during a busy day of castings and fittings, we invited the city’s largest agencies to send us some of their most promising guys in town this season, ranging from runway veterans to brand-new upstarts. Dressed in their own outfits, this eclectic group presents a diverse crop of faces, all of them captured by photographer Greg Vaughan.

Here are the faces of New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

Photography by Greg Vaughan for
Casting & text by Jonathan Shia
Special thanks to Ammon Carver Studio, New York

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8 Comments to “CONFIRMED: NYFWM S/S 18”

  1. Adrian says:

    Oliver Kumbi has a bright future. I expect to see much more from him. Hector, Bom Chan Lee, Alistair, Anton and Ali are also beautiful

  2. manneqinn says:

    still waiting till models from S.E.A. make an appearance

  3. double m-by miguel says:

    Mateo Videla, Serge, Max, Max Barczak, Adrian, Don, Camil, Dylan, Nick, Ruben, Robbie.

  4. kujtesa says:

    gigi is my everything

  5. Stephen says:

    Is it possible to do a runway with the height 5’8male

  6. Kat Reel says:

    Genadij Wilen has a unique style, swagger and personality to boot. Thumbs up.