Chanel S/S 2013

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | October 3rd, 2012

Chanel S/S 2013

Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

With windmills whirring and a buzz about sustainable energy dominating the pre-show talk, and the Chromatics on stage at the end of the runway, Karl Lagerfeld set the mood at Chanel’s S/S show long before the first outfit even came down the runway. As the most storied of the French houses, Chanel has always been adept at creating an atmosphere for their audience that represents the ethos of the collection itself. Serving as both designer and experience architect, Karl masterfully set the stage for a collection that was focused on the merger of history and sustainability – a subject Lagerfeld (who enters into his 29th year at the house) knows something about.

Purses trapped within what appeared to be hula-hoops, were purposefully attention grabbing pieces, but the majority of the S/S look was ladylike and pretty. A-line shapes worn with oversized pearl accessories and leather gloves were a recurring element, aswere graphic prints that ran the range from reinterpretations of gingham, to an almost cubic pattern done in classic black and white. As always there was plenty of Chanel iconography to love, from the giant logo on swimsuits, tweed suiting and of course plenty of Karl-ified denim. Mix all that in with solar panel dresses and an appealing set of structured bolero jackets and you have the makings of a killer double-c wardrobe.

In a season where other houses are floundering with ill-conceived reinventions, or wildly divergent collections, Chanel’s familiar yet fresh take on things felt comforting. You can always expect the highest level of quality, a certain air of elegance and of course a star-studded front row at a Chanel show. A fact that keeps us riveted each time Karl deigns to show the rest of fashion, just how this whole fashion spectacle thing is done.

Text: Janelle Okwodu
Photos: Stephan Moskovic

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21 Comments to “Chanel S/S 2013”

  1. vaho says:

    what happened to the modelling world… so many seriously scary looking models… I think Karl pics them according to his own looks… honestly! the collection is kind of okay… but half od it is just plain ugly!

  2. Nigel S. says:

    I mean..I would’ve gone just for the windmills…majestic.

    Beautiful collection. I am simply loving the diversity in separates which Karl is presenting as of late. Equally in love with the well-hued gem tones; they are so rich and chic yet inoffensive and soft on the eye like a pastel.

    It truly is such a clean, refreshing collection as Janelle ever so perfectly describes and Stephen captures.

    Cohesive, essential, modern and futuristic in minimal. Minimal by Chanel.

    Those windmills be damned!

  3. Nigel S. says:


  4. GP says:

    I ove the setting. I think nowdays people go to Chanel show to see the setting more than the clothes. amazing!

  5. natalia says:

    Chanel always delivers or should i say Karl always delivers 🙂 the hula-hoop bag, the lego clutch, the wide hat and dresses with flowers at the end ah… *swoon* so many must-have look!! oh and the windmill of course XD if i retire where i have big land surround me i’ll definitely install those windmills lol!

  6. Harley says:

    aaah of course no freja….i wish her brilliant beauty made for all this chanel clothes

  7. Gav says:

    Glad to see a model of colour on Chanel catwalk. Too rare a sight. She did a great job too.

  8. Nigel S. says:

    Joan walked as well.

    It was a shock to see 2. So sad that we have to fight for 2 in 2012. Let alone the several shows this season which displayed what I would classify as segregation by having a string of 5 or 6 models of African descent in consecutive order as opposed to integrated amongst the rest.

    This continuous fight and/or fear of non-caucasian beauties rages on.

    And is anyone with the power of sway really addressing the nonesense or aiding the status quo…

  9. Joe says:

    So many new girls walked for Chanel this season and there was so many amazing established girls in Paris .New isn’t always better Karl…

  10. Maira says:

    Model of color??? come onnn.. black model.. white model.. asian model.. its so stupid to say model of color, everybody has a color.. white, black or whatever.. people try to not be racist but obviously are.. Chanel show was great by the way.. =)

  11. jamie says:

    i love the metallic eyes…and the unusual colors – this IS SS and Resort 2013 – anyone that doesn’t love the suits … hmm.

  12. Taz says:

    This collection is not cohesive at all. Altogether, it’s a hot mess. But individually for the pieces, they’re gorgeous. But still, the collection is not great.

  13. i love frejaTAT says:


  14. atfranko says:

    ….this collection is strikingly similar to s/s 2008. the denim, the make up, the striped shoes – nothing really new or groundbreaking from karl in this one.

  15. Brooklyn says:

    Those shots were soooooooooo fantastic. I could feel the things. loooooooooooove.

  16. chingmam says:

    The collection look good but obviously not the best and can’t attract me at all.One of reason for this is the chanel girl—freja , she’s not here!!!I think she is better than all the girl of the show 🙂

  17. Geo Pan says:

    I prefer the hat seemed like Compact Disc, and the ringlike handbags. Amazing!!!

  18. Scribble says:

    I love how the variety of colors used. Chanel is definitely one of my favorite brands. Stunning collection. And it was nice to see some familiar faces on the catwalk. Beautiful setting, as well.

  19. Robert says:

    I just loved the huge beach bag! So genius! I love when designers make crazy accessories like that. I wish Karl made more :/

    I hate the fact Anja was #3,…….. like REALLY. 12 years modeling and she’s done Chanel forever and she can’t even be an opener?

  20. Lindsay says:

    Where is Freja!!!!!!!She is better than other girls