Alexander Wang S/S 14

Posted by | September 18th, 2013


Alexander Wang SS14

The late 90s – early 00s period of logomania is a time fashion often looks back to with disdain. With the current mode for discretion and all things minimal conspicuous branding has become something of a four letter word. With his airy spring collection, Alexander Wang singlehandedly revives the logo trend, while offering a new take on its vibe. Instead of the in your face repeated patterns of yesteryear, Wang stamps his name on everything from laser cut cropped sweaters, to pleated leather skirts and oversized belts. If you’ve ever wanted to let everyone know which designer is your favorite this is the way to do it.

Logos aside, the spring look from Wang reverberated with lightness and ease. The neutral color palette and relaxed feel of the pieces made each ensemble seem like something pulled from the closet of one of those effortlessly cool girls who frequent Wang’s stores and adorn his runways. Flirty skirts with oversized bands, a shorts and button down combo that wears like a favorite pair of pajamas, sheer blouses emblazoned with the Parental Advisory stamp – all items destined to make their way into the wardrobes of the young and streetwise. The sleek finale dress worn by Erin Wasson only served to highlight Wang’s continued relevance amongst a particular clientele. Who better than the ultimate arbiter of Downtown style to close the show of NYC’s coolest designer.

Text by Janelle Okwodu
Images: Backstage by Betty Sze / Runway by Billy Rood for









































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6 Comments to “Alexander Wang S/S 14”

  1. Jose says:


  2. B says:

    Wasn’t a fan at first but I must say this Georgia girl is standing out for me. I know everyone Always says she wouldn’t be a model without her parents but I’m pretty sure she still would have made the cut, she really grew into her looks, well done!

  3. V says:


  4. adam says:

    So much fun

  5. KB says:

    At first I didn’t hop on the band wagon with Naomi and Iman calling out big designers but the more I see these line ups I have to side with them. It’s ridiculous. There are like 38 models and three “minorities.” Really Alex? Rappers can you please stop quoting these designers that don’t care about your endorsement or you lol.

  6. Nikisha says:

    I love Wang but only having two black girls and one asian girl walk is ridiculous. I don’t understand why these designers think having a line up of entirely white models is interesting. It’s boring, racist and it needs to be stopped asap.