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April 29th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/04/johanna_kneppers.mov image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/04/johanna_still.jpg width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=5 /]
Johanna Kneppers/Ford (NY) WM (Paris)

Balenciaga FW 09 runway beauty Johanna Kneppers with WM in Paris is now nicely nestled in on the Ford NY board, which makes her eminently bookable right this minute. This former engineering student has that stand-out quality that marks her as one of those cool must-haves for the upcoming show season. Check the authority of this walk for proof.

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  1. ryder says:

    now this is a walk!

  2. nino says:

    F*** YEAH!!!!

  3. arvinarvin says:

    she looks great!

  4. devon says:

    wow, shes a beauty. do i see blue chip

  5. raie says:

    shes gorgeous :D
    but her walk isnt to die for sorry

  6. bloggerquest says:

    her walk looks kind of nervous.
    the face is gorgeous!

  7. Model Whispers says:


  8. Ambigous says:

    Looks, really strong……..

    Gisele really needs to be replaced!!!

  9. Barbara says:

    Walk is NOT that great sorry

  10. alvin says:

    Go Johanna! I hope she does well in fashion week and hopefully, she won’t switch agencies once she reached blue chip status…ehem ehem..like Kendra Spears oops! lol

  11. Gustavo says:

    Am i the only one whos not really impressed?
    She looks fine..and Gisele will never be replaced

  12. lisa taylor says:

    She could walk right into my bedroom . . .

  13. Thomas says:

    Definitly a strong look, love her hair, so healthy and shiny. Im not that impressed by the walk, although i have just been to a handfull of shows.

  14. Diggy says:

    i remember her from 4 years ago, when she was with slides in paris???
    not really a new girl??

  15. lee says:

    i wish i had girls like this in engineering, thee is one model in my whole course and that me and i am a guy, tragic hahaha, engineering models are a rare breed, still sexy though

  16. Kerry says:

    She looks great! She’s definitely someone to watch.
    And about her walk…it was good enough for Balenciaga…

  17. Ralph Duke says:

    She has a good walk, how does she shoot???


  18. Yo-ya says:

    Nothing special to be honest, there is thousands of girls with that look around the world… I guess Im waiting to be surprised by some exotic beauty.

    The walk is ok… not sexy, not very elegant… just a walk. There is not point to compare with Gisele’s she will never be replaced, she is unique like every model should be.

  19. Derek says:

    I love her look, think her presence is great, but wish her walk wasn’t so stompy. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her in the top 50 rankings very, very soon.

  20. Thatone says:

    Johanna is LOVELY.
    Kendra could be possibly following the footsteps of someone else….Agnete who?

  21. Jen says:

    WAY WAY WAY TOO SKINNY!!! Her legs are like twigs! The only model she reminds me of is Twiggy… Why don’t you people gravitate towards a healthy looking girl once in a while… jeez… how many more models must starve themselves and die on the runway until you people stop promoting this demented version of beauty?

    After all, the designers are selling WOMENS clothing to fit real life WOMEN. I know clothes look better on a thinner girl but no clothes look good on a skeleton.

  22. yonilover says:


  23. inessa says:

    i like her face!..

  24. Charli says:

    She’s a stunner. Lots of authority in the walk, but the kicky arms need to calm down a bit!

  25. betty says:

    Her legs are thin but there’s no way you should be saying that this is a “demented” version of beauty. I think
    it’s rude and unfair of you to imply that she is a “skeleton”. As I constantly mention, these models read these comments and you should realize they are human beings with feelings. But maybe not, since you are probably too busy riding on your moral high horse to realize that.

    Some people have thin legs, some people do not. We promote all sorts of beauty, girls with lean legs as well as girls with shapelier gams. If you actually read our site, you would know that.


  26. Loo says:

    I think her walk is bad.. too choppy fast and nervous looking. She is beautiful though! A little practice may go a long way!

  27. brucegisele says:

    I like this girl’s presence… not seen since Gisele but her walk is not even close to Gisele’s legendary walk only three girls come close to it and is Natasha Poly, Tanya D., and Naomi Campbell(the orginator).
    Johanna’s walk is a mix of Freja, Delfine Balfor, and Erin Wasson without the pony kick. If she work on relaxing her shoulders when strutting and put more on the hip when she press her foot down and give it her body a little switch. This girl could be an season opener for alot of shows in upcoming seasons. She can do it.. I hope her agent reads this, I think it help her gain more clients in the long run. She has the ability to become a long distance runner but it’s up to her. Johanna you got for sure. work on the walk, which shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t wait see more of you.

  28. pretticute says:

    Her walk is good but Sorry, I’m just curious about this whole modeling thing…
    Why is it that don’t I ever see Dark skinned African Americans posted on this page for reconization. African american models are beautiful and have bold walks too. When are we going to share the love?
    Sorry just curious?

  29. Caroline says:

    Not digging it. She’s got the look, but not the walk. Too fast, arms are flying all over the place, and the quick pivot did not show confidence.

  30. Rachael says:

    I’d rather Gisele’s legendary walk

  31. Jen says:

    If you were truly concerned for a models feelings then you wouldn’t have a comment section at all. Anyways, it’s tough work and models have to learn to take the good with the bad. That’s the reality of this business. Most girls are lucky to leave it with their soul intact.

  32. Juan Lovas says:

    we should wait… for next season…to see what happens … her walk i kind of “i’m in a hurry” and too nervous

  33. JJ says:

    Simply beautiful, now this is a model.

  34. Jordan says:

    She has a great face, her walk needs work, i don’t think it would fly on any major runway

  35. betty says:

    Not true, Jen. We are concerned with models’ feelings, but we have the comments section so that people can express their positive feelings AND also intelligently phrased constructive criticism. But you are right that “it’s tough work and models have to learn to take the good with the bad.” That is why we try to publish both “good and bad” feedback. It’s a way for the public and subjects to become engaged in the conversation.

    But your more thoughtful 2nd answer is much appreciated.


  36. QuelChe says:

    I loved her way to walk, but she needs to work it, her potential can be better then this. Well, I can’t wait see more of you.

  37. holly says:

    her face is amazing but she “poses” and walkes too fast she looks like she wants to get up there and get off as quick as possible

  38. Unheard says:

    Why wasn’t my last comment in here posted? Anyway, hope this one gets posted… I think her look is great, but not that spectacular to me because there are already plenty of models that look like her, and I like the more exotic beauties like Chanel Iman or Devon Aoki. And, I think her walk could improve a bit… not even close to Gisele’s or Naomi’s trademark walk, but knowing the fashion industry, she will improve and get the most jobs (being with WM Paris & Ford NY and all).

  39. thisonehere says:

    she is absolutely amazing. thats all there is to it!

  40. Alexa says:


  41. Amalie says:

    she’s really beautifull!

  42. paris says:

    where’s my comment!!! her walk is tooo fast and she is attractive but nothing special looks like every other model and i also like devon aoki-now thats someone to be excited about

  43. Jessica says:

    She has a gorgeous face but her legs are very very skinny!

  44. Sara says:

    A bit of work on her walk en a bit stronger in the face and she could be the new it girl after coco rocha! But i LOVE coco!!!

  45. jack says:

    hey! beautiful!

  46. timothy Rosado says:


  47. SAM says:

    THE BEST WALKERS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY EVER IS GISELE BUNDCHEN, NAOMI CAMPBELL(ORIGINATOR)and i don’t care what anybody thinks but TYRA BANKS(WHEN SHE WAS A FASHION MODEL ON THE RUNWAY)her walk is plain nervous looking and elegance, she’s so roug, and her face looks stiff and bland, i want to see a girl with a good walk!!! THE MODELS ARE GETTING BETTER AT TAKING PICKS, but the walks jus get stiffer and stiffer!! BACK IN THE 90’S THAT IS WHAT U CALL A
    catwalk” shes NOTHIN SPECIAL

  48. BENARD says:

    She is generally beautifully but not matching with the way she moves

  49. Paris_Jarreau says:

    She is great, hands down, sex appeal is definitely there…

  50. missbnicole says:

    BORING. Yes, she is a very pretty girl, but there are thousands of her walking around NYC already. Can someone PLEASE give us something more interesting? Something new? Something not so freaking cloned?

  51. Carlos says:

    pretty girl!!! I loved her!!!

  52. marcela says:

    BORING. Yes, she is a very pretty girl, but there are thousands of her walking around NYC already. Can someone PLEASE give us something more interesting? Something new? Something not so freaking cloned?


  53. SAM says:


  54. Priss Arickx says:

    she got a pretty face,but a little bit anorexic!!
    i preffer models with form!!!

  55. Recruiter says:

    She is a beautiful girl for sure with a killer body. But the walk? It’s ok.

  56. sergio leal says:

    mas ela é uma quse formada copia de Gisele, não acho que tenha que comparar, andar, beleza com di ninguem, ela tem que ser autentica
    Gisele é Gisele , Naomi é Naomi cada uma com seu estilo!
    mas que a nossa Gisele é a the best iso é
    desculpe, mas é o Brasil chegando proximo ao reconhecimento dos grandes centros que se dizem “primeiro mundo”
    e aqui não tem so Gisele nao!!!
    vem conhecer pessoas!!!
    Sergio Leal
    Rio De Janeiro

  57. Crystal_Night says:

    Wobbly ankles. But otherwise gorgeous.

  58. kristy says:

    walk not so great! but nice face!

  59. elleroses says:

    I think she rocks. And Go Betty! xxxx

  60. BS says:

    This is a walk ? :/
    But the face is amazing.

  61. mic says:

    GorGeous With Attitude!!!

  62. LynnNee says:

    beautiful legs~~!!!!!

  63. era says:

    vertet je shum e bukur per qdo kompliment mirpo modelet shqiptare jan me te bukura

  64. DaeDae says:

    WALK IS NOT GREAT AT ALL! but her face is gorgeous. All she needs is practice and her runway walk will be great. She WILL be unstoppable…

  65. Grizzly says:

    I think her walk got a little awkward when she got like 6 inches away from the camera, but I mean that’s not what she’s really going to have to problem on a runway. I can see Chanel giving her a call.

  66. bluesy87 says:

    Well she is beautiful that’s no doubt, but come on, we’ve seen this face ten thousand times already. Now that new girl Carmen is, OMG :oO
    Never seen anyone like her. Girl gives major face, that has never been seen before.

  67. nazaabdullatip says:

    shes gorgeous.got potential to be star but when her walk its look like a little bit rush.maintain eyes contact yaa.overall satisfy,ok laa.

  68. anya says:

    oh my god she needs more lesson Lol

  69. Andrew says:

    my comments get deleted, everytime i say that this girl is too thin!

  70. Leanne says:

    She is not too thin, she is beautiful! Why is it so taboo to tell a woman how fat she is, but it’s perfectly okay to throw around the word skinny? I don’t suppose it ever occured to you people that some people are just naturally thin…not all models have eating disorders. And if it’s not just your last failed diet talking and you do genuinely think she is too thin, maybe you should keep it to yourself. Nobody’s blogging about how fat you are.

  71. LuvisGrand says:

    ^^ amen to that Leanne.
    Amazing how many people jump to judging someone they’ve never even seen in person just based on one photo or video. Too thin for what? Based on what? Her weight/height ratio? Humm I must have missed the part where she gave out that information.

    Anorexia is a very serious problem, no doubt, but she just looks like a beautiful young woman. I’ve known plenty of teens that are naturally very thin, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are unhealthy. There are all sorts of body types.
    Making uninformed negative comments about someone’s physical appearance is just idiotic and hurtful.

  72. betty says:


    And amen to you! We love intelligent, well spoken posts.


  73. Rini says:

    Hmm… she kind of looks like the lovechild of McBeha. I’m liking. :)

  74. pushpendra says:

    she is beautiful n sexy

  75. janjan says:

    fascinating,strong look. hate the walk though.

  76. Lola says:

    Absolutely stunning!! I saw her in ELLE’s issue June 2009, and just -had- to look her up. Now I’m even more impressed. I’ve been telling all my friends about her, and we all agree. She is amazing, and star material. I can’t wait to see more of her.

    I now have a new favorite model.

    I have little doubt in my ability to spot a winner as well. I had this same feeling when i first saw Gisele, and then I watched her soar. I am pretty positive I will be seeing the same thing happen with Johanna.

    Beautiful, stunning, and classic looking!! I love her!

  77. This is bull says:

    wow. wanna get married?

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