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Alina/DNA (NY), Viva (Paris), IQ Models.  Image courtesy of DNA

Hers was a near flawless 4 city run with Marc by Marc and Philosophy in NYC leading into Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon in London, the Prada and Missoni in Milan and the Miu Miu and Vuitton in Paris. It was a stealth performance that sharp eyed editors and photographers have made note of, which is exactly why DNA’s Alina now sits with a chart full of major editorial options.

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  1. arielle says:

    Beautiful Everything(skin,face,eyes,) absolutely flawless

  2. JJ says:

    simply amazing!

  3. fadedcolours says:

    I love her, her eyes are so amazing! She didn’t impress me this much last season (admittedly it’s not like she had a lot of time/shows to do so) but she’s looking gorgeous this season. <3

  4. BAR says:

    Her eyes are radically diferent. I like her a lot.
    She has good vibrations.

  5. Hellen says:

    Hola!! me encantaria ser modelo!!

  6. Rute Gomes says:

    simply amazing!

  7. BeaBou says:

    WoW! she looks apsolutly fantastic!

  8. Modelwatcher says:

    Her skin is fresh but i find the features rather plain, i can see why she would work thou,the right eye bothers me.

  9. Viny Zanetti says:

    I love her skin !!! she is wonderful !!!! good luck for you …

  10. Tilde Mariann says:

    So..this top 10 newcomer is number 11? Am I right?

  11. betty says:

    If you read the title, it says Top 10 newcomer (bonus)..

    In the past we actually had 20 top 10 Newcomers (10 in New York, 10 in Europe), so actually we’ve edited it down, to a smaller tighter list.


  12. Lol says:

    nothing new and special!boring…absolutly boring!
    and its too many newcomers in this season…

  13. lubo says:

    her eyes, something about her eyes… maybe too much caffeine. people go blind with pupils like that. dont look straight to the light Alina!

  14. Vinciano says:

    Maybe it’s just this picture, but her face doesn’t seem too symmetrical. Nonetheless she’s stunning. I don’t think she’ll have an editorial break through F/W 09 but she may be one to watch next season.

  15. Michael says:

    Boring, completely average. This is not beauty, this is plain average.
    This is why models don’t get magazine covers anymore!
    These girls are too young anyway, not special enough to make it big, why even bother? You’re wasting your time. These agents just pluck them and then just use them to try to make some money off of them.
    I’m so bored, sorry.

  16. PaNgia says:

    I’d have to agree that it’s something about the look in her eyes. She seems very calm. Her mind is almost blank and it appears nothing can hurt her.

  17. james says:

    Not at all.

    There’s something so incredibly elegant and sophisticated about alina. and she WILL do very well.

    What happened? models.com used to be a source of information for all people who love fashion. Today the site is better than ever in many regards. but lately it’s been a haven for people who simply want to criticize models and complain about who they wish to be in the spotlight. We all have different taste. is it not more interesting that fashion introduces so many new interesting faces and doesn’t over publish every girl who’s achieved moderate success?

    Things have to change, if you’re not happy with where it’s going, wait little while, as it won’t be long before you see something new which you approve of.

  18. jyotirmaya Mishrayj says:

    Very nice, pretty simple

  19. elleroses says:

    I think she looks beautiful and pure. But I do also think her bone structure isnt too special and it makes you wonder if it’s just opportunities that make a model famous.

  20. Dumisani Clement Ndlozi says:

    Ahh she beautiful,i support everthing the face, skin tone,eyes and shape of the face.
    I love the way she is,


  21. PATRICK montgomery says:

    Neck’s good! Needs shooting properly.

  22. Marceski says:

    Does she have one eye smaller than other?

  23. DustInTheWind says:

    She is a pretty girl ,but i honestly don`t think she expresses anything…her face does`n say nothing to me…it`s all blank…she can say something with her eyes even if it`s a simple polaroid…
    that`s just my way of seeing things when it comes to this kind of top.

  24. Selle says:

    I beg to differ. I don’t really like her look, nothing special to me. But seems like everyone loves her

  25. Cherise McGlone says:

    Dear Model Watcher,

    Will you please explain why her right eye bothers you? I’m only trying to recognize what you notice.

    Thank You,
    Cherise McGlone

  26. Cherise McGlone says:

    I agree with James.

  27. mark says:

    OK . I SAY OK

  28. mizzslim says:

    hi i just love the skin tone

  29. khurram abbas says:

    she is so beautiful every thing is so nice

  30. Borino says:

    Alright, be calm down! Wonderful life…let’s get it started.

  31. sayanova says:

    she’s flawless

  32. Dahnay says:

    Awesome Girl , looks like a Mannequin !

  33. jaja says:

    Great Mannequin

  34. Alan says:

    In my opinion she expresses something important. And Beautiful!

  35. chase says:

    These are literally the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

  36. fela says:

    she has expensive and classy face. Really ori

  37. MDC_394588 says:

    Beutifull but seeing her bones stick out scares me the prssure can get to much but thats not good to see on a well young girl.

  38. Cherokee says:

    She really looks flawless.

  39. Rahel (Nani) Kebede says:

    She is so cool. She is simple and beautiful. I love her skin.

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