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December 13th, 2007 by betty | Boys, Interviews, Model News, Videos
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Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew/DNA Models. CAA for film and television.

Matthew Gray Gubler, former top 50 model (Tommy Hilfiger, Sisley, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton) and current rising star in film and television sits down with MDC to chat about his projects which include tomorrow’s premier of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Check out MDC’s video interview below with the extremely personable and talented actor/director/producer/artist.

[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/videos/2334/MVI_0007_VP6_768K_Stream.flv image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/mgg.jpg width=600 height=450 /]
The interview

[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/videos/2334/MVI_0008_VP6_768K_Stream.flv image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/mgg.jpg width=600 height=450 /]
Chipmunk trivia!

Also check out Matthew’s web site here.

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  1. Salem says:

    He’s so cute!

  2. Sydney says:

    I love how he plays, he’s really a good actor and I have to say
    h’es cute ! ^^

  3. Mriel says:

    OOMGGGGG he’s sooo cuteee

  4. Julie says:

    he has such a cute smile and laugh!

  5. Océane says:

    Lol. All poeple which wrote comments are girls. Strange, isn’t it ? I think he’s cute, and I like to see him in “criminal minds” for example. But I hope he can be appreciate as a good actor and not as a “sex symbol”.
    I’m sorry because of the faulse words :/ I’m not english ^^

  6. Corinne says:

    He’s just georgeous!!! I ‘m a greta fan of Criminal Minds and i thing he’s a good actor ! i agree with Julie, he’s having such a cute smile!!

  7. Trudi Moreno says:

    God, give me that for Christmas, mama!

  8. fan mentes criminales!! says:

    he is so ..but so

    and as doctor spencer
    is good!!
    i love him

  9. fluffy says:

    He’s such a good actor…he gives Dr.Spencer Reid that dorky cutness
    And he’s so funny,especially in his series of mockumentaries:”Matthew Gray Gubler: the Unauthorized Documentary

  10. Cyrus. says:

    and all the girls say he is adorable. but. he is. (and i’m a girl, too. just with a weird name. blame my parents) i just think he’s an amazingly talented actor, artist, and i think it’s funny that he never matches his socks.(see, mom. i’m not the only one in the world. she says…. he’s allowed because he’s an actor and they all have quirks. what? that’s not fair. -_____-)

  11. belem says:

    hola matthew!
    mi nombre es belem, soy mexicana, y ojala puedas leer mi mensaje ya esta en español, sebes me encanta verte actuar en la serie de mentes criminales, y trato de no perderme el programa, y tu personaje se me hace muy interesante, por su personalidad un poco retraida y aparte que es super inteligente.
    un saludo y un beso!

  12. Christina says:

    He is my favourite acote ever. I started watching Criminal Minds because I loved him so much, and now I’ve fallen in love with the show. He’s so talented and adorable.

  13. joanna says:

    anyone know where i can find one of his films?
    i’ve heard great things.

  14. Gabriela says:

    wowwwww super fan de mentes criminales aqui en mexico pasa cada 8 dias es genial y yo amo a matthew
    es de lo mejor es tan inteligente y tiene la mejor voz y sonrisa del mundo lo amo y lo adoro y aparte eso de ser criminalista y trabajar con el fbi es grandioso lo amo y lo adoro y por que nunca nadie firma esta pagina de todas las que escribimos deseamos qe alguien conteste

  15. connie says:

    hes so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. erin says:

    i love him , he is so cute in criminal minds, a little geeky but so attractive!!i didn’t hes a model too!!that is so hot! love him!!!

  17. Claire-Louise says:

    He has really nice teeth lol and a cute smile and he is a great actor i would love to meet him some day that would be absolutley amazing.!!!!

    Scotland<<<<<thats where im from

  18. Will says:

    One of the best actor i’ve ever seen!
    I also think he’s gorgeous, but this came in second position…
    I’ve see his drawing too, he is a really talentuous person!

  19. Karla says:

    well hummm he is amazing… im in love!!!!! is sweet… nd sexy… nd good actor… lovely…
    and sooo cute… oh my good i love him!!!!!!!

  20. Angela says:

    He’s totally my favourite person.

  21. Alyssia says:

    I litterally think he might be perfect, abit dorky and unkept
    but extremely good looking.
    and tallented. Criminal Minds is the most underrated show on tv.

  22. maxine says:

    I think he is a great actor but he is also a really good artist,
    love his drawings and sketches x

  23. Beth says:

    I love him. he is soo funny and cute in Criminal Minds. I have never missed an episode!! It is a really good show but I only watch I for him =P x x x

  24. MADI says:

    Matthew Gray Gubler!! I love you soo much. You’re so amazing on Criminal Minds! You play the part soo well and your a lot like him! You were soo cute and amazing in Alvin and the chipmunks! I can’t wait to see your new films coming out! I think He has an amazing smile and is soooo amazing!=D

  25. jUmPsTyLe says:

    I Love You Sooo Much !
    He’s so amazing os “criminal minds” :D
    He’s soo cute ! :D
    PS : I’m Not English ..

  26. marisa says:

    bom adora a serie ,mentes criminiosa e fasses um bom papel
    acho-te muito giro e inteligente
    de marisa

  27. soonhi says:

    Soooo cute♥
    my heart is trembling~~
    i’m your fan
    and see you soon in drama criminal minds season4
    Keep it up^-^

  28. Lili says:


  29. Chris. says:

    He’s beautiful
    I love him


  30. hwi se park says:

    Oh, He’s perfect guy!
    He is so cute in Criminal Minds.
    I love you so much.

  31. KangHye Lee says:

    he is sooooooo cut in Criminal Minds.
    you make me smile~
    Metthew i love you^-^

  32. sarah says:

    so intensely adorable
    i was smiling like CRAZY through that whole thing
    gublers possibly my favorite person.

  33. mondo says:

    he’s the most attractive guy i’ve ever seen…

  34. Emily says:

    Gubler makes me happy. :D

  35. chas says:

    i just discovered this guy on a whim and i guess i’m going to have to add him to my list of future baby-fathers.
    he’s so attentive. i loved the licking of the lips, and subtly hot dorkiness, and the sporadic mini smiles. I AM IN LOVE
    thanks models.com for giving me someone new to stalk

  36. Irina says:

    He is a great actor.
    I’m a big fan of him

  37. Ana says:

    What a nice and talented young man! And with a beautiful voice.

  38. hannah says:

    O.M.G….he’s soooo cuteeee.
    i watch criminal mind everyday.
    he is a good actor. i love him!!!
    i want a boyfriend just like him…..

  39. Anakaren Guerrero says:

    Well, What Can I say??? It’s just a perfect guy, I mean He’s really lovely, cute and incredible georgeus of course hansome too, I think if I could meet him some Doesn’t matter if was how Spencer Reed o some else only matter meet him like he is, just if I could talk for five minutes for me will be an honor

  40. CRISTINA says:


  41. sodeath says:

    oh~i love reid~

  42. joan says:

    u know..i already fall for him!
    he is really cute..i really like him as dr spencer reid in creminal minds…

  43. joan says:

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!please dont forget me..im one of your fans

  44. joan says:

    me too i want a boyfriend just like him….i love you

  45. joan says:

    now i will go watch again criminal minds..

  46. joan says:

    i just finished watching the whole season 2 of criminal minds…oh my God reid! your so gorgeous..i love you sweetheart!

  47. renee says:

    matthew is a great actor and the hottest on criminal minds

  48. Julie says:

    I could lick him all over.

  49. Shy says:

    Well, I guess everybody agrees that he’s either cute or very hot. So, I’ll be going along the same lines. To me, he’s the hottest guy on tv these days. It’s so rare to see thin guys on tv, and even more rare to see guys with somewhat long hair. So, thanks for that. And please tell the producers to stop having him cut his hair for the show.
    Shy (another thin guy with long hair)

  50. mariana says:

    He’s so nice and such a great actor. I love his “mockumentarys”, he totally doesn’t take himself too serious, and a that’s brilliant.
    Can’t wait to see more videos or movies directed by him (Don’t shoot me santa) is really good!

    He’s a great artist!

  51. meryann says:

    Spencer eres uno de mis chikos ideales, de esos que en conjuncion harian al perfecto pero contigo bastaria …
    ¿que tanto puedes decifrar mi mente? ya que estoy asi o mas alucinada contigo por que TU eres EL que me haria feliz.. si lo se paresco traumada.. aun que tambien creo que jamas leeras este mensaje por que personas como tu son ocupadas y no pasan el tiempo viendo en la red lo que las chavas les escriben..

    de todas formas tu y yo seriamos la pareja casi perfecta

    ate: Sra. de Matthew Gray Gubier

  52. g says:

    rake me up a piece of THAT!
    he’s so…unintentionally sexy..

  53. mariana says:

    he`s very smart and inteligent
    i like so much cuz he`s birthday march 9 is after
    than me

  54. valeriia says:

    I love youuu MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER!!

  55. valeriia says:

    Matthew Gray Gubler I love you! ‘re super nice indeed much you admire a kiss from mexico I love you!

  56. valfigueroa says:

    I saw a photo of him wearing a poncho but you know what… GAUCHOS don´t wear glasses here. I like his works. Valeria (Argentina)

  57. MDC_361592 says:

    What a Sweetheart! I’d take him home in a second…I’d take him anywhere! :)

  58. Jen says:

    I agree with you all. He is sooooooo HOT!!! Sure he has that dorky look about him but it just adds to his hotness! I l♥ve you ♥Matthew Gubler♥ sooo much!!!

  59. Kimona says:

    Yaay I love Matthew! Not only is he a brilliant artist and actor, he’s also SUPER HOT!!!!

    You rock Matthew! You are awesomeness in physical form!


  60. Hallie says:

    Emagawd I watch Criminal Minds just to see you. You’re so uber hot it’s not even funny. Well, I do start into maniacal giggles every time I see you… but that doesn’t count.

  61. monica says:

    he is so cute !
    i love him ! :$

    can i get his email ? 8-)

  62. Isabel says:

    Vaayya parece que MGG tiene muchas fans en México!! jaja, yo me uno al club, pero estoy mas que de acuerdo en que no sólo es guapo, tiene una guapura especial, no sé no es clasico carita. Este chico tiene el espíritu de un artista y aparte es increíblemente modesto. De verdad espero que los demás sepan apreciar su talento y su trabajo, de cualquier manera, creo que Matthew será feliz con el sólo hecho de crear, aún si no llega a ser considerado una super estrella, no pienso que eso le importe demasiado.

    ¡Maldición, tiene una sonrisa preciosa y es tan encantador que duele!

  63. Erika says:

    hola soy mexicana……. eres un chavo bellisimo soy fan de mentes criminales y eres mi favorito no me la pierdo por nada del mundo solo por verte a ti es que estas guapisimo………. y eres el chico perfecto te amo………….

  64. Heather says:

    i almost lost it when he said “the ramones”

    not because he was talking about chipmunks, but because…it’s him and he was talking about the ramones.
    i’m in love.

  65. Minerva says:

    Just one more fan from Madrid, Spain… I have been a great fan of Criminal Minds but this interview I’ve just seen is different cos in tv he never smiles that way, Dr. Reid never smiles that way, but the way Matthew smiles is so special…
    Just… keep smiling…
    Love you


  66. Isabel says:

    Hey! this is a new video? Matthew are talking about the chipmunk trivia, and the previus i see , its an interview?
    Its great because i didnt watch this before, but what happen with the other one??

  67. Emily says:

    “Some runway shhhhhhhhhhhwalking”

    Nice save!

  68. Sof says:

    Oh myyyyy gawwwdddd… He’s like, um… like… um… sooo soooper fly! I mean, gawd, he’s like, so smart, ya know? Like, I know it’s real. Like, gawd, no one can possibly act like ‘im and like, be THAT great, ya know? He’s like, so amazzzinngg. I can’t, like, help myself. I’ve looked up EVERYTHING I can online about him. And like, I can’t get enough. I, like, need more info puhleease! I like, gotta know what kind of cereal he likes, like what’s his favorite color, like, whether he likes boxers or briefs, like EVERYTHING. If any ya’ll knows whur he lives, that’s like, so much better. I’d definitely like to visit him. Sooo any ya’ll have any info on this souper dooper fly man, holla at yur gurl! ;)

  69. Sof says:

    And like, I don’t mean to be like, souper creepy, LOL, I just think he’s just so damn fly. I mean, just cos I wanna know whur he lives, dosent mean I wanna stalk him per say. I’ll like, ring the doorbell, ya know?

  70. amanda says:

    I love him.
    He is great on chiminal minds, that is a great show.

  71. Janice says:

    Wow, he’s good in Criminal Minds! Very special…O(∩_∩)O

  72. Emma says:

    Yeah would have to agree…totally cute
    and great actor! Love the show :)

  73. Brookeyy says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEE him!!!!

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! and a great actor

    He always plays a smarty pants :P

    I love it on Criminal Minds when he tells his little joke

    he’s a sweetie :)

    <3 <3 <3

  74. Gloreyy says:

    he is sooooo hot…oy my days…
    i love that he is geeky in criminal minds…
    wowza…h.o.t.t matey!!!

  75. MALE says:


  76. Lucy says:

    His Laugh Is Sick Dude!

  77. melisha says:

    okay im not denying im a fan, but seriously guys chill. all this love and flyness and licking what not will in way kinda freak him out. i think there was one fan that even said she was a stalker. not to be a fire extinguisher or anything but maybe us, his fans push it a bit. clearly none other feels the same way. but the vibe moved down a notch for me when i found out that he is starring in a movie titled ‘pornstar”.

  78. Shayne says:

    I just got to say, “Good job!” I’m an avid fan of Criminal Minds and I have watched almost every episode of the show to date. Unfortunately here in the Philippines, I have only been able to watch until the episode “Bloodline” and I hope I can watch the rest of the season soon, and I can’t wait to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

    I agree with most people about Matthew Gray Gubler’s smile. It’s not only adorable… in my opinion… it’s heart melting. His smiles look sincere and with the small/half smile that he has shows that he is down-to-earth not to mention he kind of looks vulnerable. He is like a man that you would want to protect but will end up being the one who protects you because of the silent inner strenght that he has inside of his.

    He is a good actor and I’m glad that I can get to see him on t.v.

  79. natalia says:

    oooooooooh my god!!!!!!!!! he is a really good actor i love him in criminal minds he is a genious and well that of working with the FBI makes him so hot!!!!!!! matthew tou are doing agood job continue like that ok. just remember i am your fan number 1°
    i loooooooooooveee youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

  80. Kenneth says:

    “You MUST be kidding! The makeup folks on “Criminal Minds” really
    did a great job of making him look like the intelligent, yet naive
    in many respects, Dr. Spencer Reid! The guy in these photos looks
    much older and anti-establishment, especially with the awful beard!
    BTW, Iwonder when/if the “Criminal Minds” folks will ever give his
    character a girlfriend/’main squeeze’to round out his character?

  81. Susie says:

    Pardon me guys and gals, but he’s just TOO skinny!

  82. alxxis says:


  83. naturra says:

    Matthew is amazingly (multi)talented and he seems very polite and good-humored. These qualities combined with his adorable eccentricities, such as unmatching socks, make him so very truly UNIQUE!

  84. chenxiaoyu says:

    I Like gubler so much.First time I saw him in criminal minds .But I like Gubler than Reid also I belive they are diffrent peole。 我不知道我的英文水品能否表达清楚 但是我觉得他很帅 但又可爱

  85. Mar says:

    Hola desde España: (Hi from Spain!)
    Aquí también se ve Mentes Criminales.
    Realmente este muchacho tiene un encanto especial y le deseo todo tipo de éxitos y parabienes. A mí me encanta su personaje y me resulta tan creíble como fascinante. Es un gran actor y espero que encuentre el equilibrio entre el éxito y lo buena gente que parece ser.
    Matthew, guapo, a ver si te animas a venir a España; te esperamos con los brazos abiertos. :)

  86. Elsa Oliveira says:

    Hi, hope to see Matthew on many more CM Seasons… and iT’s hight time he is chosen to do a main character in a movie. Producers: Catch him… :) The World is definitely better with him in it… He’s adorable in every possible way…

    Elsa from Portugal

  87. paige says:

    Mathhew are so handsome and cute…….He acting very well…..He is so funy and I think thets great! I liked to be his girlfriend….Paige

  88. Carina says:

    i love Matthew Gray Gubler is the boys more beautiful!
    he is a actor very weell in criminals ments!

  89. Ale says:

    WOW he is so cute, even when he isn’t you know… groomed lol. He is a great artist luv his character on CM. Wish I could meet someone like him so funny and creative

  90. Ty says:

    He is so beautiful. Look at his portofloio on DNA model Management website! He was such a good model! Can’t ne be a model and an actor?! we want more pictures!

  91. MAGNOLIA says:


  92. Paulette says:

    Silly hot!!! Honestly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. nicolina says:

    i love matthew, i’m born in sweden. i’m going to USA, LA over Xmas, i hope too meet matthew. he is my idol. and so cute, and cute.<3
    and his art is cool, and the acting is nice.<33333333333333333333333

  94. debbi says:

    one of the most beautiful faces I have seen in a long time

  95. marianne macapagal says:

    matthew gray gubler is so so as in super HOT!

  96. Camila says:

    Lindo,só sei dizer isso.Trabalha bem e é simplismente lindo.

  97. Ingrid says:

    Hey Mathew, love dr. Reid….. and love u… do you have a girlfriend? im in miami.

  98. katie marie says:

    alright, as cute as he may be. I think i’m attracted to how intelligent he is. I like the way he presents himself, and how he talks. He acts so young, and dorky. I’m a huge fan.<3

  99. Nomi_Renee says:

    I agree with melisha. If I were Matthew, I would be afraid of even being near a window. I can totally understand why people like Matthew try to only socialize with their close friends. I agree that he is handsome but I’m sure he knows that or else he wouldn’t have even tried to be a model. I think it would loads of fun to drive from coast to coast across America with him. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get the opportunity to just hang out with him and get to know him like a real human. Oh and is it just me or does Matthew look a little like Johnny Depp? Compare Johnny’s younger pics to some of Matthew’s pics.

  100. Gretchen says:

    Love Him

  101. marie says:

    love you matthew!!

  102. Beverly says:

    no nomi_renee you are not the only one who noticed that matthew falls into to the beautiful category along with my first tv cop crush johnny depp, as an adult this time around it is almost embarrasing to have this crush but as a shy social awkward i find matthew to be a refreshing break from “i know how beautiful i am” crowd. it is rare to find someone that beautiful both in looks and in personality

  103. Melissa says:

    OMG..he is so polite and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute
    i think i’m melting..i want him so bad :(

  104. Kayla says:

    Incredible actor. :D He’s got real artistry, as an actor, a model, AND a director.
    Man’s got skill.
    More than attractive, as well. (:

  105. Keara says:

    He is a very good actor but do you think really is that good in life and i wonder if he knows how to do a real crime investigation from doin all those episodes

  106. Jennifer says:

    It kind of scares me slightly, how everyone is commenting on his looks because what else would he look like? He’s a model!
    It sounds slightly pedophilic. If anything, people should be commenting on his amazing artistic skill?

  107. sarah says:

    He is so hot and so is spencer reid

  108. mindy says:

    he is adorable its funny how most women when they are younger are looking at the so called jocks, but as we get older we realize that being a creative artist in many different ways, and being inteligant with a bit of quirkyness with a slight rocker edge and a sence of humor is the perfect man. If he is realy as nice as he is talented he is so much the perfect man, and I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever, I hope we see so much more from him.

  109. Kristy says:

    I love the show “Criminal Minds” it is an amazing show and I love him as Dr. Reid. for some odd reason I find him very attractive and a really good actor. everytime the show comes on i look over at my sister and mom and say that i would LOVE to meet him. like dream come true for sure!!

  110. abigail says:

    ahh que gaupo es matthew gray gubler ,aparte de ser muy buen actor ,cuando termine mi carrera de actuacion quiero ser como el ,no pierdo la esperanza de algun dia actuar con el señor matthew gray

  111. Abratspap says:

    I can do it. Why do you like Francisco? Dont wait for me, Dagny. The same element was missing. Have you examined any data on Rearden Metal? I cant help what people think—if they think at all! What, then, should we sacrifice? Another was Ragnar Danneskjold, who became a plain bandit.

  112. daila says:


  113. daila says:


  114. frida says:

    Hola! soy una fanatica más de este hombre tan extraordinariamente atractivo y excelente artista; eres un verdadero sueño hecho hombre. Fino, elegante e inteligente, que ha sabido llevar su carrera a los cuernos de la luna. eres hermosooooooooo y un sueño para toda mujer.

  115. Alexia says:

    AHHH! I love him so much! He’s quirky and soo cute! and I love Criminal Minds! Best crime show-thing ever! There’s something about him that you just have to love! ahh! hes so cute and hot. i love him!
    (also, i dont care what people say his “nerd” glasses are awesome!)

  116. Caroline says:

    Matt is so great and so Humble! Wish i could say the same for the interviewers technique thou!

  117. anna says:

    omgggggg i absolutely loveeee CEIMINAL MINDS.!!!
    matthew is my favoritee actor<3<3 if you’re reading this i love ur work keep it up!!!

  118. selena says:

    He is so OMG cuite in CrimnalMinds and he is kind of funny and talks to much C.M. but HOTTTT nd SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fROM:Oswego N.Y

  119. Meocha says:

    He is so sexy. I want him to be my boyfriend so much!

  120. shoelaces says:

    Hehe, he is such a mix of cute and handsome all in one, not even joking!
    Great presence and talk about easy going in a shy kind of way.
    Watching this interview, it just felt like you were there at a small get together or pub, just meeting someone new through a friend. It was awesome!

    I was already a big fan, but now I think I may have just developed a crush on him.
    His smile and laugh is contagious, I can’t seem to be able to stop myself… yup the cheeks on my face are totally starting to hurt, haha.
    Looking forward to seeing what other projects he part-takes in.
    Oh and good call on his voice, it is indeed very nice to listen to. ;)

    From Calgary AB, Canada

  121. Tanya says:

    OMG he’s soooo amazing and soooo cute<3
    i love him soooo much<3
    he's the best<3

  122. Mickey B says:

    Have you seen this Matthew Gray Gubler video interview? Love him!


  123. Sarah says:

    Lovely. I saw him first on Criminal Minds and really just thought he was a cute dork. I saw through his excellent character acting.
    Anyway, a beautiful and talented man. I think I would refrain from calling him “cute”. I have not used such a word for a MAN like Matthew since I was a child.
    He is handsome, ladies, get it straight.
    Much love to all.

  124. Vanessa says:

    i love him

  125. Vanessa says:

    he is no question the funniest person alive…the only problem is when I meet him, i’m going to hyperventalate and die

  126. Katie Yasha says:

    Omg, So awesome in Criminal minds!!!!!

  127. natalia reyes garcia says:

    niño hermoso divino espectacular me ale

  128. Anita says:

    how cute he is!
    he is the cup of my tea~
    OMG please show more in the screen.

  129. mrs.reid says:

    he is foine and he is mine

  130. libbbie. says:

    he is so adorable & he has impacted my life in so many ways with his drawings & his ways about myths & he got to be simon on alvin & the chipmunks & he use to watch them when he was like he got to do his dream & one of my dreams are i wanna meet my hero & my hero is matthew gray gubler. <3

  131. danielle says:

    OMG!!! total hottie! i wish he was my brother instead of the idiot i do have!

  132. Emily Grace says:

    He is the most cutest person I’ve ever seen.
    I love watching him act & reading about him is quite fun too.
    He has the most amazing smile and laugh I’ve ever seen & heard.
    I don’t even like facial hair, but on him, it’s nice looking.
    He’s cute, he’s hot.
    He’s just down right sexy ;D

  133. Emily Grace says:

    Matty Gray is my hero. (:
    He’s inspiring & absolutely beautiful.
    I love his drawings, and his personality, well, what I’ve seen online.
    Matthew Gray Gubler is mine. <3

  134. Becca says:

    Wow omg he he so freaking hot o love you Matthew gray gubbler!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wacht this like everyday lol

  135. hope tussing says:

    i love him so much he is so darn on sexy he does a great job on the show

  136. Aline says:

    Mon dieu, qu’il est canon!

  137. katee says:

    hi im ur BIGGEST FAN EVER AND WITH MY BFFLAM ( BEST FRIEND FOR EVER AND MORE) HEHEHEHEHEHE WE F******* LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. ali and katee says:

    hey its me ali one of ypur biggest fans and my besttie katee ( the girl who left you the message before… by the way she meant life not ever…):s anyway I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ADD KATEE ON TWITTER PLEASE AND MABYE FACEBOOK LOL it will mean alot to us!!!

    (katee ‘s facebook name)…
    Kathleen Reid *thats how much i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*

  139. Autumn says:

    i have watched all 5 season that u can buy this week i am upseased with the show but i am also total in love with Dr.Read he is so smart it is insane .but i also think that Matthew Gray Gubler is the HOTTEST male actor out there right know …..he seems more real then anyother actor out there ……

  140. Sunny says:

    Image criminal minds with out him. I would cry, he makes the show what it is. I just want to hug him. He only rarely seems to have girlfriend tho. If I was old enough I would totaly go out with him.

  141. Stace says:

    Wow Matthew is amazing someone u could just stare into his eyes forever

  142. Dessa!! says:

    omg!! i love him sooo much!! the only reason i watch criminal minds (at first!! ) was cause of him!! haha he is such an amazing actor and he is sooo cutee!! and his nerdy side makes it soo much better!! i lovee yoouu! hahah =P

  143. katarina milatovic says:

    I LOVE HIM. <3333333333333333

  144. rosy maldonado says:

    solo espero y t encuentres muy bien y disfruts cada episodia q agas sabs q tienes algo especial apart d mucha coqtria jejeje es q eres muy lindo el principe ideal para mi hermos6 cuento d adas….Dios t bndiga…t amo y no m pierdo mentes criminales esta super padre

  145. maria teresa says:

    I love lindoooo what is your difference in the series are just as smart?

  146. Lia says:

    Yeah he’s ridiculously hot. Just sayin’.

  147. Mrs'z Shemar Moore says:

    I Love REID He’s Soooooooo Fit and Hot ps I Love Derek Morgan tooo

  148. Rosanne G.Credo says:

    i adore dr. reid…his looks always sent shivers down my spine…hmmm… one hot man and one hot mind in criminal minds…hope to see u even in my dreams…

  149. jesirei noriesta says:

    your smile makes me love you more.

  150. shelly says:

    He is so handsome and he is just so talented thank God for creating matthew. I love him so much.

  151. Rebelicious Sherry says:

    Matthew Your An Awesome Guy, I Just Want To Ask You Will You Marry My Daughter? She Loves You More Than I Do… Really Your An Awesome Guy, Very Handsome, Great Personality .. Your Very Blessed.. <3

  152. Rebelicious Sherry says:

    Matthew, I Forgot To Tell You Her Name Is Amanda, She Is Also A Very Beautiful Person.. Think About It….

  153. Alexa says:

    I love the show criminal minds and your acting is amazing. My fav episodes are ‘Moseley Lane’ and ‘Lauren’. hmmmm…… i wonder why…. :) I just wanted to say that you are epic and i hope you direct more criminal minds! Love you!

  154. Alexa says:

    Im his biggest fan. Just saying. You should really see my room….. u cant even tell what color the walls are because of my awesomeness towards matthew…. luv him! >;O

  155. Breiyla Gubler says:

    I think Matthew is super talented and very Sexy! I love Criminal Minds and Spencers dorky/ cute thing he has goin. :) im a big fan please keep doing what you are doing
    PS. STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR!!.. when i saw this i was like he’s a model?!? ^_^ made my night

  156. Nicky Hepworth says:

    me like lots xx.

  157. roberta shaw says:

    he is sooooooooooooo sexy i love him i want to marry him lol

  158. ashely says:

    omg i think i’m obsessed. he’s so cute and sexy effortlessly. sometimes its just his expressions. the slant of his hips, i am so in love. he has a very cute smile too. muah.

  159. sharon marrin says:

    there is my move star he is special man on tv show he is good looking he kiss good on tv show what math do off the tv show of criminal minds l like to met him.l have a dream about him when l see his picture om my computewho is his friend on the tv show pleace write back soon.love shaton martin

  160. april says:

    hes soooooooooooooo cute xxD
    cant love his paintings more!1

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