Made in Brazil Magazine #2

Posted by stephan | November 21st, 2010

Made in Brazil magazine caused such a sensation the first time around that we just had to have another round of beautiful boys in clothing optional scenarios. Bask in the glory of all the washboard abs and tan skin you can handle, then leave us a comment saying why you deserve a copy of the issue for a chance to win! (Made in Brazil will be giving 5 free issues to the best answers, just remember to put your email in the comment email box)
Made in Brazil Magazine 2

An exclusive preview

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy!
The winners are announced on the MiB blog!

Made in Brazil Magazine / Editor: Juliano Corbetta (Made in Brazil blog:
Photos credits:
Francisco Lachowski PHOTOGRAPHY Cristiano Madureira CLOTHING JUISI BY LICQUOR
Max Motta PHOTOGRAPHY Nathalie Edenburg

Want to get your own copy of Made in Brazil Magazine 2?
Leave us a comment saying why you deserve a copy of the issue for a chance to win! (Made in Brazil will be giving 5 free issues to the best answers, just remember to put your email in the comment email box)

UPDATE: The winners are announced on the MiB blog!

Didn’t win? Buy your own copy of the limited edition (only 1,000 copies) Made in Brazil Magazine #2 directly from MiB here.

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  1. ramir says:

    omg francisco is so hot

  2. frank says:

    Who is the guy in the pics holding and kicking the soccer ball ?

  3. Unan says:

    well i was so bummed when i don’t get the first issue! i really want it becuz i need it so much! my life wouldn’t be complete without it!:)

  4. Jakob You says:

    I love Brazil and MDC ♥
    Francisco is ssssso cute

  5. GP says:

    Should be Men in Brazil. HoT!!!

  6. Nergui says:

    I want Made in Brazil magazine because I read every single article on also I adore gorgeous man especially Brazilian !!

  7. cristinaathena says:

    Thats Francisco Lachowski. he is the most gorgeous person on this earth. i love you chicoooo <3

  8. Marineexxxxx says:

    If it is really MADE IN BRASIL, will understand my comment. I deserve a free copy because EU SOU RYCA! hehehe.

  9. mariana says:

    …my god

  10. ash92 says:

    I want Made in Brazil 2 because I missed the first one, and it will never be available in the bookstores because censors will be a bitch to any form of empowerment that uses the body as a form of expression. Also, it’d be a nice treat after the examinations to read magazines. I’ve issues of GQ and all from September that I’ve yet to read, and Made In Brazil will be the first magazine that I’ll reward myself with if it ever comes through my mail.

  11. A says:

    I think I just started crying. This is a beautiful site haha.Is there something in the water over in Brazil?!

  12. Nat says:

    Marineexxxxx says:
    November 22nd, 2010
    at 12:07 am

    “If it is really MADE IN BRASIL, will understand my comment. I deserve a free copy because EU SOU RYCA! hehehe.”

    hauhsuhuhsushau mereceu!

  13. maxx says:

    i say why not me!!!! yeah you got right WHY NOT ME?? can you come up with a reason why not if you do then i don’t deserve it ,if not hey i win.!!!!!

  14. JOSHUAT says:

    woo….brazilian guy always hot …!!!! i want made in brazil #2 :)

  15. TelvinArman says:

    I would very much so like a copy of Made in Brazil #2 because I am a 19-year-old fashion major & I plan to go into the menswear industry after graduation. This collection of amazing photography would have me study the male physique a little bit better, as most of my school’s courses only offers references for womenswear and the female figure. As is apparent by my tweets, I am obsessed with menswear and I’m always posting about male models, especially a lot of the males featured in the images above (Francisco Lachowski, Arthur Sales happen to be in my Top 10 faves!). Thanks!

  16. Vava says:

    hey I deserve to win a free copy of Made in Brazil mag 2 since my eyes have been starving for over a year, abstinent of eye candies and it’s about time for them to enjoy the feast!hehe

  17. charlotte says:

    I need a copy please! Because even though I’m in california.. its freezing right now and this is just what i need to bring back some summer to SoCal!

    oh.. and b/c i love me some Francisco..

  18. kiki says:

    I would really love a copy of the new Made In Brazil mag because I live in a country where we don’t have access to such beautiful human beings and the magazine is a clear collector’s item I would love to have. I read made in brazil daily and they always expose their readers to the best brazil has to offer.

  19. Devics says:

    i want Made in Brazil 2 because it is really important to me.i love the fantastic country,people there are friendly and nice,i love the hot guys and beautiful girls who come from Brazil、

  20. Sloane2010 says:

    Francisco and Arthur are so cute… and I discover the perfect body of Diego.
    That’s awesome…Obrigado , Viva Made in Brazil … ^_^

  21. Shin says:

    I love Brazilian models! Arthur, Francisco,…Mmmm! Can they be any hotter? Would love to have a copy to show off!

  22. Shin says:

    sorry, my email address is ************. Having a copy will make me feel happier than any girl on earth. Okay, okay, that’s a little exaggeration but seriously!

  23. Jose' Samuel says:

    Shout out to “MADE IN BRASIL” ! Love you guy’s!



    One Day! I’ll be inside its cover’s showing off my Brasilian Bliss! :D

  24. maykel says:

    hermoso los brasileños y las brasileñas los mejores y las fotos espectaculares

  25. mike says:

    Where are the black guys ?????????????

  26. TeeVanity says:


  27. lucio Flajore says:

    I deserve to win a copy as I am brazilian and miss my country! living in London and seeing all this beauty is making me cry, these boys will cheer me up!

  28. TeeVanity says:

    I should win a free copy of Made in Brazil Magazine 2, because models. com & are 2 of my favorite websites. I check everyday for updates on new face, editorials, campaigns, whatever is offered in the database and to see if the rankings change. I am a huge supporter of Brazilian models, Francisco is actually 1 of my favorite male model and it’s so epic seeing him on the cover alongside Gabriel Burguer. I love the feature on the first issue of the magazine on here and I also love this feature. Please pick me, I will be forever grateful~

  29. Maliya says:

    If I can’t have one of the boys can I get at least the edition?

  30. aubrexxi says:

    I think I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil 2 because I appreciate the build and the overall look of the Brazilian man, not only as a model, but as a cultural figure. When I look at these pictures, I don’t just get a quick boner, I’m looking and reading into the expression on their faces, the background story and anything else that stands out. I love photography and everything about male models rising in the model industry, receiving this magazine would be heaven for me.

  31. Giovani says:

    I deserve and I’d like to get the MIB because besides I’m a brasilian guy I see the pics with a perfect photographic point of view that valorizes the brazilian male beauty in a mix of any kinds of our sport.

  32. marcel says:

    i wanted to live in made in brazil world!

  33. Diogo Fernandes says:

    Made in Brazil Magazine is making something so new! Putting models in the spot with so much good taste and quality! The photography is great and it manages to be so sexual and yet so sophisticated. Keep the good work, guys!

    (really wanna win the copy you announced on twitter ^^)

  34. Emerson Duarte says:

    Brazilians do ir better! e=)

  35. Antonio Barros says:
  36. Fernando Nunes says:

    Made in Brazil is our awsome magazine that is really made to show one of the things that brazilians have as best: handsome guys, hehehe.
    The pics are perfect, the models are completely sensual and inocent at the same time. it’s almost possible to feel the heat of their bodies, huhuu. Amazing, just amazing!

  37. kit says:

    Brazilians did it better!!!

  38. Gerard says:

    I don’t think the world will ever tire of Brazilians. Down here, in the Philippines, we’re all crazy over the Brazilians. And Made In Brazil just puts the crazy on a whole new level of hot crazy…Amazing photography, amazing guys, amazing…Always such a pleasure.

  39. Booker says:

    I deserve a copy because I am most starved for beauty. Feed me.

  40. xxx says:

    I deserve to win a copy because I have no other way to get it without my parents are aware of my sexuality and they can not know… yet.

  41. талисманы says:

    динамично все это и очень позитивно

  42. Rafael Srur says:

    Eu mereço porque sou o único que escreveu aqui em português! Afinal a revista não é Made In Brazil???!!!!

  43. jessantander says:

    I want (need) the second issue of MadeInBrazilMag because Im going to leave Brazil so I need to show to the world all about brazilian boys! And because i love this magazine. And because I check the blog at least once in a day. And because this issue looks amazing! And because I missed the first issue. And because…And because… And because… Thanks guys, Im just waiting for my MadeInBrazilMag issue!LOL

  44. Rafael Srur says:

    I deserve to win a copy because I’m so brazilian I wrote my answer in portuguese, so I’m posting it again. I’m also a carioca, from the sunny Rio de Janeiro. It doesn’t get better than this…

  45. myself says:

    i wanna copy because i dont deserve it and i wanna have it to frame lachowskis photos on the wall

  46. Alan says:

    I deserve a magazine Made in Brazil, because I Made in Brazil ! ^^

    where is the Evandro ??? I love he U.U

  47. Julia says:

    I need Evandro Soldatti – Edilson – Rafael Verga – Carlos Freire – Edgard Graça Mello – Maikel Castro – men of really?? this Chico is only one baby.

  48. Julia says:

    The Diego Miguel is Wonderful. I would like to see the Jean without clothes.

  49. Julia says:

    these photos of the Alexandre Verga, had been carried through when?

  50. André says:

    I deserve a copy because I need some extra encouragement to go to the gym and sweat my ass off.

  51. sam says:

    sooooooooooooo nice
    l wanna be one of them right now

  52. Tara says:

    No wonder they’re so hot, alot of them have italian ancestors … hehe ;)

  53. GEarth says:

    Gabriel Burger , You is Very Hot ! I Love You .You is my Model Favorite .

  54. Keith says:

    I deserve to win a copy of #2 because I flew all the way from Atlanta to new York city to buy a city of number one ! And number 2 looks even better than the first!

  55. Podestá says:

    Great comment of Marinexxx…EU SOU RICAAA!!!
    People from Brasil will understand her.

  56. jconthenet says:


  57. Kenn says:

    If loyalty merits any consideration, consider the fact that this 64 year old male from New York was one of the first to make an online purchase of the premier issue,looks at the “Made in Brazil” website daily, and has traveled to Brazil on vacation routinely since 1977! My youthful attitude and appreciation for all things Brazilian, particularly its masculine beauties is renewed by the “Made in Brazil” magazine and its daily online dose!

  58. Jamie says:

    What a gorgeous treat!

  59. paul dela rosa says:

    i love this! jean carlos is ugh, too hot!

  60. Travis says:

    I deserve a copy of the issue because I think fashion is art in everyday life. And, yes, clothes are optional in everyday life.

  61. Ewa says:



  62. Garreth says:

    Thanks very much, I though I was gonna do my essay…then these smoking hot pics came along and burned all my paper into ashes.. please send me this new issue of ‘Made in Brazil’!!

  63. Nic says:

    Cited Andre Leon Talley: ‘It is the famine of beauty!’. Yes, after the amazing first issue of MIB by skillful photographer Cristiano Madureira, only the second issue of MIB will do its magic again to feed my hunger! I notice there are more movements in second issue of MIB. I should be fed with MIB 2 and move as what it wanted its viewers to do!

  64. Matt says:

    Very sexy and beautiful work.

  65. Kikibay says:

    I deserve a copy because I was born in this hellhole when no true beauty exits. Everyone I pass by is deformed inside and out. They don’t know what is meant to be beautiful, nor know how to. For years, I look for the admiration. I admire the work of Made In Brazil magazine where sexuality, love, and true beauty are combined. it’s art. it’s divine. It’s the fruit to the thirst of perfection. I need it to prove to those whom once oppose the real definition of art.

  66. Chloe says:

    hot sexy artistic!
    just love this

  67. Maurício says:

    @models Outras existiram… o brasil criou, falhou, recriou, tentou, fracassou… Mas aí o Made in Brazil reinventou, superou e impressionou! Made in Brazil #2

    eu queeeero o/

  68. Runo says:

    I ♥ Brazil ! Perfect pics

  69. MichaelT says:

    how does one country produce so many wonderfully good looking men? This is a fantastic array of photos.

  70. christopher sims says:

    AMAZIN! I want one, or two, or three….

  71. boomhawt says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine #2 because Brazilian men are sexy and I’ve never seen any other man that compares to them and this is a beautiful artistic display that shows these models in the way they want to be in. My favorite models are definitely Francisco Lachowski (he is just adorable) and Mateus Verdelho (his tattoo’s are sexy), I would say having a copy of this magazine and showing it off will make anyone and everyone jealous. Me encantan los Brasileños!!!!

  72. AylinReckermann says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine cause I need something decorate my naked white walls.

  73. xN says:

    LOVE this!
    I would love to win a copy of this magazine as it integrates art, fashion and photography to create beautiful imagery. I love having the magazine in my hand instead of looking at it online as I feel you can gather a true and emotional interaction with the images. I would love my menswear magazines to grow with the addition of ‘Made in Brazil 2′ thanks :)

  74. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    well shot gay magazine, would be nice to see more fashion however

  75. shannon says:

    Chico is cute as usual. Love his personality.

  76. alejandro says:

    i think i should get the copy ‘cos it will be unique one for Ukraine)))
    and also i will be trying to use some images as examples for my modeling job) don’t like to copy but sometimes its useful

  77. Christian says:

    Whoa. And i thought the first one was hot. I want a copy so bad it hurts.

  78. nayara says:

    eu mereço porque eu mereço, quem realmente merece não precisa explicar o porque de merecer; simplismente merece.

  79. Ty says:

    i deserve a copy of made in brazil because it’s currently snowing and -24 degrees celsius and i want nothing more than to escape the cold by diving head first into the steamy pages of made in brazil.

  80. Mark says:

    I need a copy of Made In Brazil because I too was born in Brazil but lack the inherent sensuality. Maybe I can learn a few poses and one thing or two about being authentically brazilian once I have it in my hands, LOL.

  81. Not on the guest list says:

    I like the Francisco shoots and I like his classical pose when he shows his arms and he pouts. The capoeira shoots are not quite my favourite. And maybe for the next issue they might put Alexandre Verga next to his brother Rafael (google him, one word CALIENTE!!)

  82. Christian Coatsworth says:

    Wow! This edition looks fantastic. If I did not win (snif)… I’ll definitely want to buy. I’m glad that there is a site that can capture what is best in our country…people, landscapes and beauty. Besides of course, showcase the work of the models and disclose to the world. Made in Brazil really rocks. ♥

  83. Reginald says:

    I may not be “made in” Brazil, but I sure can be “bought there”…

  84. alexandre says:

    ive got an itch to scratch…i could really use lachowski’s assistance

  85. Reginald says:

    I may not be “made in” Brazil, but I sure can be “bought there”…

  86. Julio says:

    MIB Magazine makes us feel like we are the coolest place in the world! Like there’s no hotter men in the globe. I want my copy, it will be so nice!

  87. Charlie says:

    I would be SO happy to win a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine because I LOVE Brazilian men. These pictures are incredible and when I look at Francisco Lachowski, I stop breathing. Such beautiful, artistic and sexy photography. Truly amazing!

  88. jennifer says:

    yes..yes there is something in the water over there actually

  89. Maurício says:

    @models Outras existiram… o brasil criou, falhou, recriou, tentou, fracassou… Mas aí o Made in Brazil reinventou, superou e impressionou! Made in Brazil #2

    Sorry, I sent a reply on twitter. Sending another, because I want a # Made in Brazil in my hands.

    Well, the MADE IN BRAZIL is not entirely politically correct.
    Many magazines came, many still exist and many are coming. Some will be able to leave their mark, others go unnoticed, others hatch! There are Italian, Japanese, American, Hispanic inspiration. Some have stories, shopping tips, fashion content, cinema, gastronomy. Many were born, failed, reinvented themselves, but only a few lasted. Some have their own characteristics, but they are only inspirations. Copy. Plagiarism. Plastic.

    Some are chic, other trash. Some are pop, some are dark. MADE IN BRAZIL has INSTINCT, ATTITUDE, it’s never OUT, it’s on the top ECHELON..
    It has beauty and sensuality, pleasure and joy, invokes feelings and dreams, and also has the flavor of Brazil. They are not only are boys or men, it’s not just sexy. Have expression, passion, fantasy and naturalness. It all makes me want to taste the sensations of MADE IN BRAZIL.

  90. Devon says:

    i deserve this issue because I am more than likely going to get fired from my job for the beautifully distracting articles that are put up here on a daily basis. The boss leaning over the should seeing me me leer at beautiful brazilian men is not exactly her idea of me “putting in a hard days work”….even though she is brazilian. Sooo i deserve this magazine as a severence…so i have something to read when i get fired and my internet gets shut off and i cant go to your website anymore…xox

  91. G says:

    Why do I deserve to win? Maybe because I have spent the last 6 hours counting every pixel Diego Miguel is composed from, causing my laptop screen to burn out from the sheer intensity of it all – and meaning the only way I can finish the job is via printed edition. Can you find a more practical reason than this?

  92. AX80 says:

    Because I live in Norway and in this long, icy and everlasting winter, some Brazilian heat would make it all much better.

    Thanks for the preview!

  93. Sean says:

    Because I’ve been a fan of MIB blog since day one…

  94. Paulo says:

    Keep one for me! I am poor, but the MIB magazine is top priority for me, almost as much as food and shelter.

  95. Paulo says:

    And this time there are more groups and couples! I love to see half naked males bonding, and I can’t wait to get my copy….thanks so much for keeping up the good work.

  96. Richard says:

    Photographs are just beautiful… So real. Where can I get a copy?

    It would of course be great, to win a copy!

  97. Johnnie B says:

    Made In Brazil makes me wish I was Made In Brazil. I would love to win a copy to add to my collection of beautiful Brasileiros.

  98. India says:

    I would love to win a copy of the MIB magazine, because I am in love with Brazil. Every aspect of Brazil and its culture amazes me. I am an 18 year old who will soon be out to major in photography, and the human body is my favorite subject to touch up on. Arthur Sales and Evandro Soldati, omg, what beautiful figures. These Brazilian are beautiful and deserve a fabulous magazine like this. I would really love to win. thnx

    xoxo Ciao

  99. Juliano says:

    Eu mereço ser um dos premiados porque há muito tempo leio o blog assiduamente e também porque amei a primeira edição da revista, que foi um presente do meu ex-namorado. Eu gosto tanto do blog e dos lindos modelos brasileiros que ele nem precisou pesquisar muito pra achar algo criativo e diferente pra me presentear. Quero um exemplar do #2. Obrigado!

  100. Vitor says:

    brasileños is muy guapos!

  101. Vitor Mariano says:


  102. Annaleigh says:


    Brazilian models are my fave :)

  103. Oscar says:

    Last time around for the first issue I was so desperate to win, I wanted the issue so bad. I asked most of my willing friends to enter message with their e-mail addresses for a better chance to win a copy ( I even bugged if they had heard with the win). I checked everyday to see if the results were posted, and no luck (the results were actually delayed and I was bugging with messages to get the results in sooner). To my unfortunate luck, I still didn’t win. I actually purchased the magazine through the Made in Brazil website and payed the same amount for shipping as for the price for the actual magazine. And you know, I have to admit, it’s worth it; beautiful men, beautiful photography, beautiful magazine. But his time around I’m going to send this one entry, by myself, with no help in typing from my Brazilian friend, and hope that my luck for the year 2010 will change at the end., please… Send me a copy! This preview looks amazing. I feel like this magazine is going to have great issues to come. A starving student here, and magazines are the only thing that I can almost afford to collect. So give me a break and send me one. Please…

  104. DION says:

    simple (y not)……no other explanation.

  105. Elcio dos Anjos says:

    Made in Brazil Magazines – a bíblia dos modelos masculinos Made in Brazil.

  106. Emmanuel says:

    The Holidays are just around the corner and it would be nice to have a Brazilian to keep me warm… but a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine #2 will keep me HOT without upsetting the boyfriend! Keep up the good work, Greetings from Los Angeles!

  107. Rob says:

    Just soooooo yummy!!!

  108. Christopher says:

    Brasilian culture has always captured my attention, but a certain aspect that will forever fixate me are the men. For the past year I’ve been reading Madeinbrazil and when I found out it was going to become a magazine I was more than ecstatic, but my heart dropped as I further realized that i would have no way of receiving a copy. I live in a boring state of America, which leaves me incapable of purchasing the magazine as one could in Brasil, so I hope that that is enough grounds or me deserving a free issue.

  109. sean says:

    oh my lord.
    what are you trying to do to me.
    i cant handle the brazillians….
    oh my.

  110. Jose Rodrigo says:

    I was born in Belo Horizonte Brazil 22 years ago and left the country 18 years ago to come to the States. Ever since then, finding my cultural identity and its beauty was hard due to the small exposure I had to any Brazilian culture. Made in Brazil has allowed me to not only understand the people I am a part of but also the beauty there is associated w being a Brasileiro…I think I should receive the 2nd copy because ever since I found MIB I have been able to find pride in myself as a gay young man and as a gay brasileiro. And because I’m a huge fan :-)

    Obrigado :-)

  111. James says:

    I deserve a free copy of Made in Brazil magazine because my grandmother’s last wish before she passed was that I win an online giveaway which had something to do with a half-naked Chico Lachowski kicking a soccer ball. Would you really want to deprive an old woman her one last wish? Also, my dog just died.

  112. oldmasterden says:

    I’m a die hard fan of MDX and Made in Brazil. These two places are heaven to me, I check them every time I turn on my computer. And guess what? Today, I’m in luck and in love!! The Made in Brazil Magazine #2 is featured in!!! And I may even get a chance to win this fabulous prize!? No shit! This magazine contains fresh young male models, whose bodies are heavenly made by the lord. I won’t let this skip me. Another reason is that since I live in NYC now, and my current landlord is a stingy old man who wouldn’t turn on the god damn heat, I need something warm to keep my body temperature. By giving me a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine #2, you are actually saving my life. Please, pick me, I promise I will love it like I love!!!!

  113. Dino Napoleão says:

    I deserve a copy from this magazine cause only models Made In Brazil are the best!

  114. ColeJar says:

    I live in Canada. It’s been so cold lately, and wait, just checked thermometer, it’s minus 14!!!! This is the only thing that has made me warm all month!!!! This magazine would make me warm all year!

  115. Raj S. says:

    Beautiful Brazilian Boys!! Need I say more?! Who wouldn’t want to see pictures of gorgeous South American men?! Brazilians have to be the best looking people on Earth, and the Made in Brazil magazines just prove that point over and over again with every perfect page. As I stare at Francisco’s eyes, Diego’s smile and Arthur’s abs, I feel like I just died and went to heaven!!
    What do I want for the holidays? A hot Brazilian hunk! But I wouldn’t turn down the next best thing: the Made in Brazil Magazine 2!!

  116. Marquis de Lannes says:
  117. VICTOR says:

    i want the magazine because deep inside i’m brazilian.


  118. Nate says:

    Made in Brazil provokes many to adventure. It awakens the hero numbed by routine. The rut becomes jolted with man in fight, in motion, in his innate nature to play.

  119. San says:

    i would very much like a free copy of the 2nd made in brazil magazine because:
    a) it’s the best way to learn brazilian body language (portuguese as a language is too difficult to learn)
    b) i read made in brazil every day and i talk to everybody about it with creates new followers
    c) i would offer it to my neighbour for Christmas. He is a very sweet guy who would be over the moon if he gets his own edition of the book. He would be the happiest person on the planet all thanks to you.

  120. baddorg says:

    i am gay 16yo now live in AUSTRALIA and my dad usually ask me “why are you must be gay” … i think this will answer him!!!!!!!!
    please help ;;;;;;;;;))) <3

  121. victor says:

    Brazilians certainly do it better, MUCH BETTER!

  122. Luiz says:

    Beautiful work with great people! We are the bests!!! Go Brazil!

  123. stefano says:

    really good work…sooo funny to watch!!

  124. justin says:

    Holy …, Hot !!!

  125. Michael says:

    Hunkalicous! Not overly muscular, but beautifully sculpted and very handsome. I absolutely adore Francisco.

  126. Daniel A. says:

    Jogar pelado(a) com o Lachowski é sempre uma boa ideia. :)

  127. Salles Silva says:

    O Arthur Salles carrega toda a potência da beleza nordestina.Tenho orgulho dele, valoriza legal.
    Valew ,chará

  128. AJ says:

    Great choices. My respect and congrats to photographers Cristiano Madureira; Vicente de Paulo; Nathalie Edenburg and Marcelo Krasilcic, thru their visions and artistry we get to appreciate the amazing potential of these guys.
    Congrats to all involved. ~Aj

  129. Veljko says:

    I’m thin and pale, and I DO NOT deserve this.

  130. robert gallagher says:

    latino guys are the cool&cute.

  131. RJ says:

    How much do I love MadeInBrazil and its magazine? I stole my own credit card which my mother confiscated and was making me cut, ordered the first issue online sneakily, had it delivered here to the Philippines, and fought with Customs to hand it over! I really want the second issue but alas, I have no way of ordering it. Jean Carlos! Arthur Sales! Francisco Lachowski! Alexandre Verga’s return! Regardless, I love you MadeInBrazil!! You’ve come a long way since you started out and I’m so proud.

  132. Francisco Duran says:

    i deserve this magazine because i wanna have those sexy pictures, especially the Francisco Lachowski ones, because the idea of showing men models in a magazine under the title “made in brasil” is so creative, and also, because i love style, and these pictures and the previous issue of this magazine are full of it. the style of Made in Brazil makes me wanna feel sexy, healthy and manly. that’s all, thanks to and Made in Brazil

  133. Preston says:

    I want this magazine because my boyfriend is Brazilian. He is in the US Navy and currently on deployment. I figure what better Christmas gift to send to him than a magazine from his favorite blog, showcasing the sexiest men from his home country.

  134. Alex says:

    um, yes, pls.!

  135. Lloody Gaga says:

    I want a taste of Brazil!!!

  136. Muryllo says:

    Sim sim sim os brasileiros os melhores!!

  137. Erika says:

    These guys are so hot it’s not even funny… Brazilians are sooo beautiful. Dating a gorgeous brazilian myself, I can see why they’ve got the monopoly physically as well as culturally. Only criticism I could give re/ this calendar is that the guys should be more tan – because in Rio, that’s what you expect : )))

  138. Sebastian says:

    Why do I deserve to win Made In Brazil? Because I am a 17 year old boy from London and have recently just come out. I really don’t care what people think anymore- I LOVE BEAUTIFUL MEN!!!

  139. D says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil 2 to help spread the awesomeness that is Made in Brazil in Upstate New York, United States!!

  140. Jaco Diego says:

    I want this magazine because I want to be a model SOOOOOO badly, but I am shorter then the average model height. And I look through men’s fashion magazines and try to take notes on poses and facial expressions so that if I ever make it as a model, I can be like Kate Moss, shorter then most, but so great at posing and giving a variety of looks that agencies will look past that. And I believe this magazine is one of THOSE magazines that has the best of the best that I can learn from.

  141. XavierNicolas says:

    I deserve Made in Brazil because I am an illustrator and would love to draw “inspiration” from these handsome Brazilian men.

  142. Vitor says:

    The first picture is so beautiful that even though it’s black and white, the guys make it colourful with their beauty. I’m absolutely crazy about it.

    Great, great work!

  143. João Pinto says:

    they are pure diamonds, so I promise to keep the magazine in a high security zone.

    Fantastic magazine!!!

  144. JO BIER says:


  145. VICTOR says:

    i truly, truly think i’m brazilian deep inside. but something went wrong, i’m european. now i’m looking for compensation.


  146. E says:

    Just about all these boys prove the saying ” A Face of an angel and a body made for sinning.”

  147. Eduardo says:

    I’m from Brazil and I’m so proud to be part of the vast, exotic and extraordinary beauty of this country. I had seen such a sort of rare brazilian beauty (from flowers to stones) hidden everywhere and… well, I must say: nothing could be compared to the magical beauty of those boys.
    I guess ‘Made in Brazil Magazine’ has born like a collectible item already. If you collect beauty from all around, you need that magazine. In better words: I need that magazine side by side with all another brazilian beauty lying on my shelf. And I mean it! :)

  148. KK says:

    Never seen such beautiful magazine in my city, Hong Kong. Bravo!

  149. Rafael says:

    I want this magazine because I’m rich

  150. Vladimir says:

    I deserve it because I love Brazil so fucjing much!The boys are soooooooooooo perfect!

  151. Dylan says:

    I deserve a copy, nay NEED a copy because I’m a 22 year old student in need of a blast of Brazilian sunshine to help me get through the dreary winter in my cold corner of Canada! Also Made In Brazil Magazine isn’t trying to sell you anything, it’s aim is to show you aspirational beauty, an elegant sensual way of life that’s only found in Brazil. It’s a tome of grace and form that the male body can achieve in this female dominated medium. In short it can lift the spirits and help inspire you to bring your own beauty and joy to your life and I think I could use some of that right about now.

  152. rebel79 says:

    I wish I were in Brazil right now…

  153. Nicholas Harmer says:

    I would love issue 2 as I’m hungry, and mens’ fashion/modeling media feeds me.
    I’m a mens photographer myself and a huge collector of such publications… we can’t get this in Australia!
    I’m also off to South America early next year (camera in hand) and I’m sure this would serve as the best preview.


  154. pedro says:

    I don’t want just a copy – I want a piece of them!!!

  155. lily dole says:

    Dear Santa,
    This year for Christmas I NEED Made in Brazil Magazine because life made me like … I like nature but nature does not like me enough so I can have such guys in my bed !
    It’s not fair at all and I do believe that AT LEAST i should be able to look at these sweets as much as I want. Plus, it will for sure help me to find a real motivation to work out, do sports meaning quit smoking/drinking/sleepinglate/partying…
    Refusing it to me would be like a murder, and dear Santa I’m sure you’re not that kind of guy !!
    So … treat or trick ?

  156. Jay says:

    I need this magazine to get me so jealous that I will be forced to join a gym, get in to shape and get a life. It’s not fun being a frigid 17 year old. Help men brazil! Help me!

  157. C. says:

    wow, I want this magazine cause here in France, where I live it’s currently snowing and anybody got a body like those guys, and the climate is not as hot as them.

  158. C. says:

    nobody I meant x)

  159. Nina says:

    in my Colloquial language those models are called (SHOGAF) which means really good looking.
    i deserve a copy because i introduced you to a new word to describe the hotties :D

  160. Muriel says:

    I deserve to win this issue ’cause I’ve met Francisco in person at his own building, two blocks away from mine and I really feel like having something to remember all the funny moments.

  161. André says:

    This is the show !!!!!

  162. Anaísa says:

    Can you tell me where did God go wrong? Because, I haven’t idea…

  163. Cesar Kowa says:

    I think I deserve a copy because i simply love brazilian men, actually I’m taking portuguese lessons to understand them too ;)


  164. CS says:

    WOW those bodies are HOT. Thank you for the preview! MIB never fails to impress me, Brazilian guys are yummy! Seriously where can you ever see guys like Francisco? ONLY IN BRAZIL.

    I tried to win a copy for the first MIB magazine but I was not lucky enough, so fingers crossed now! :) It would be such an amazing christmas present.

    PS Max Motta has beautiful eyes!!!!

  165. Edo says:

    Amazing pics! I deserve a copy of this magazine because my computer screen does not compare to the visual glory of a perfectly color calibrated page in person nor does my keyboard and mouse scrolling feel as intimate as to having the magazine weighing down on my lap as i feel the glossy pages flipping through my fingers. I deserve a copy because I am a lover of the male form, of beautiful symmetry and athletic prowess, as well as the imperfections and wear-and-tear that even the most beautiful men get, like that scratch on the elbow of the handsome male model in the 9th photo down from the top.

  166. Colyn says:

    Cristiano Diego and Jean, I love u guys~

  167. Kevin says:

    I need a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #2 because I am unemployed, very poor and visiting MiB is one of the bright spots in my day. I scrimped and saved for #1 but cannot afford to do so this time. Also, I’m sure my future husband, Arthur Sales, would really want me to have it.

  168. Nils says:

    I came out when I was 16, which is, when I think about it, not even that long ago. I dug up a poem I wrote back then. It’s not perfect, as English is not my native tongue, but it sums up perfectly the reasons as to why I think I deserve one of those five issues. Okay here it goes:

    I know that coming out
    Has made me stand out in the crowd
    Priests keep saying I’m possessed
    But I’m just like all the rest

    I’m used to being discriminated
    Being laughed at, and being hated
    Nobody knows how I feel
    Slowly the wounds are starting to heal

    Fashion has helped me get through a very difficult phase of my life. This industry is extremely open and accepting and I think other industries should take an example. I am as much of a human as everyone else, and I finally realized that I am allowed to be.

    Having one of those five copies would mean so much more to me than just having a few pretty pictures on a few glossy pages.

    Kind regards


  169. raymond chow says:

    I am a booker here in Singapore where we bring in alot alot of wonderful brazilian models and I am always checking out MIB. Plus it updates me with the ongoings of brazilian models, letting me a chance to see if we can scout someone for placement here. There are alot of brazilian models coming to our shores all year round. I love the wonderful dishes as well, shown to me by my models. :) Therefore I think I deserve a free copy of MIB. :) Thanks.

  170. Vinicius says:

    I want a copy of Made in Brazil, i deserve it because i was made here too!!!

  171. Viviana Leta says:

    São belezas esculpidas, nada mais nada menos que uma natureza especial dos trópicos. São quentes e sublimes e, acima de tudo, únicos. Frutos da mistura de raças mais incrível do planeta, a brasileira. É por isso, que mesmo com corpos espartanos, olhares cristalinos e alma encantadora de sorrisos abertos, chamam a nossa atenção e de todo o mundo. Brasileiríssima eu sou e assim mereço te-los, mesmo que impressos em folhas, a meu alcance.

    They are sculpted beauties, nothing less than a special nature in the tropics.They are warm and sublime, and, above all, unique. Fruits of the most amazing mixture of races on the planet, Brazilians. That is why, even with Spartan bodies, crystallines eyes and enchanting soul of big smiles, they call attention to themselves and the world. I am very Brazilian and so I deserve it, even if they are printed in a Magazine, within my reach.

  172. Albert Payano says:

    I am Brazil’s number one fan. I am in the midsts of changing my name to CAPO ERIA FOGO… JR. :-)

  173. jackie says:

    I want MIB #2 because it has been snowing for the past couple of days and the weather will continue for the next week. I need MIB since holding a copy in my hands will warm me like nothing else could. Coming home to a magazine of beautiful Brazilians brings warmth, happiness and hopes to a cold soul.

  174. BOY MOMENTS says:


  175. Dan Hasby-Oliver says:

    You can take a boy out of Brazil but you can’t take a Brazilian away from a boy.

    It’s -2 in England and I deserve to be transported back to Summer 09…


  176. Verónica says:

    Bueno, creo que lo merezco ya que llevo un día un tanto cabreada y oscuro, y he encontrado ésta página por casualidad y me ha conseguido sacar una gran sonrisas…
    Aparte de que me encanta la fotografía y me han gustado bastante las imágenes, y los modelos! jejejeje

    Un saludo.

  177. Guria says:

    Eu mereço uma cópia porque preciso começar a umidificar meu dia já !!!! Suor , plapitação e tremedeira, tô quase me jogando dentro dessa piscina !!!!

  178. Guria says:

    And also because girls deserve it too !!

  179. Jordy says:

    Absolutamente incríveis! Respira-se arte ao olhar essas fotos! Saiu do convencional e surpreendeu! Belíssimo trabalho!

    Absolutely incredible! Breath art to look at the pictures! Got out of the usual and suprised! Beautiful work!

  180. Davidikus says:
  181. Guto says:

    Dear God… :p

  182. Iuri says:

    Wow! Love brazilian models!

  183. Dudu says:
  184. Diego says:




    that’s why i love this magazine!


  185. Giovanny Bahamundi says:

    I would like to win a copy because I live in a small town where fashion isn’t seen as a prominent and important aspect of life. I aspire to one do move to a city where fashion is seen more than just clothing but an actually modern art. I read the Made in Brazil blog because it emphasizes the beauty of Brazil through its art of fashion. The Made in Brazil magazine is an amazing interpretation of a way of expressing the beauty of the male figure. The photographers really show how the male figure is more than just masculine but their figure having a beautiful feminine aspect as well. When looking at the preview pictures, it’s almost as if the magazine is taking a look at ancient Greek and Roman art, in regards towards the beautiful male body. I am glad that was able to have their previews. Not everybody can receive a copy of the magazine, and for people like me, this is a great venue to educate oneself with what’s new and up and comping in the fashion world.

  186. Sara BOA says:

    First of ALL … hmmm…waouh! STUNNING Natural Beauties: Thanks Mother Earth!

    Second why I deserve a copy of MBM: simply because you have cured my low blood pressure problem just with the first image: I feel blood circulating everywhere in body… my cheeks have blushed and my adrenaline is pumpin’
    Maybe if you offer me the magazine by the last page…I’ll be HIGH!

    Thank you MBM for the beautiful shot and to Brazil for giving us such breathtaking beauties…
    Obrigada :)

  187. Tristan says:

    Because Brazil is so far away! I’d love to have a little piece of Brazil to keep me warm this winter.

  188. Andre Freitas says:

    I deserve a copy because I’m Brazilian myself and since Summer is coming up next month and it’s already sizling hot here, I wanna get a couple ideas of what to wear…. or what NOT to wear. I must have a copy.

  189. MJØLK says:

    我尤其喜歡Arthur Sales,肌肉男,但是表情總是很俏皮~

  190. MJØLK says:

    I really want to get a copy of M.i.B.M2! And I want to share it with our Chinese friends!

  191. João Victor H. says:

    Só porque eu sou MADE IN BRAZIL também né.

  192. Rafael says:

    It’s kinda funny to see these pics with so many beautiful Brazilian boys. I’m from Brasil and, even considering that I live here in Brasil – in one of the cities it’s considered to have the most beautiful people in the hole country – it’s impossible to see that much handsome guys gathered in the same place, together.
    Not to mention the great photograph job. Even the indoor pictures, which I’m not used to like too much, are sensationally well shot and the compositions are perfect!
    U guys did a really great job getting it all together, under the view of a graphic designer!

  193. DANI LOVETT says:


  194. dyenys says:

    I’de love too much have all these guys at home!!! They’re so…i have no words to describe!!!!

  195. marcos says:


  196. Rodolfo says:

    I wanna win this issue because I believe in this magaziene and this importance for fashion.

  197. mike cheng says:


    i just wanna say….so hot….

  198. JEAN GERALD says:

    MAX MOTTA muito gatoooo…eu sou ele ta gente..Queria alguns minutos com vc em um banheiro de shopping Max. kisses

  199. sofia says:

    cute brazilian boys?
    that’s so rare.

  200. Arthur says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil Magazine because i work with fashion and i can use it as inspiration for my works. And let’s be honest, everybody needs to have something to look and see beauty, so i deserve it! =D

  201. Trevor says:

    Eu quero uma dessa revistas, pq sou dos estados unidos, mas sou apaxionado para o Brasil. Eu adoro a cultura, a linguagem, a gente, e claro, os homens. e essas fotos sao lindos demais, ne?!?!

  202. Kale says:

    wow! I have to go to brazil!

  203. Frank says:

    Hello I am Cuban boy (21) and I would like a lot to win a copy of the magazine MADE IN BRAZIL no.2, Why? Because I would like to be able to enjoy of the fabulous PHOTOGRAPHY, to admire the beauty, to delight with the PROFESSIONALISM of their design, In addition to know new things about Brazil’s culture, and their models, athletes, to be able to prove a product purely Brazilian.
    I hope to have pleasure of knowing MADE IN BRAZIL issue2
    I leave it to your consideration

  204. Benjamin Burns says:

    I’m a 20 year old student in the UK and have just been elected as the editor of a new men’s magazine called ‘Hausmann’. I’m young and ambitious but also very nervous about my first issue! Some creative influence would be great and I’m looking to create authentic, fun and real images like the ones above.

  205. Beatriz says:

    OH GOD

    Personalidade e beleza, não são todos branquelos e loiros de olhos azuis!

    But… where’s the black people?
    Francisco is ok!!
    Francisco é lindoooooooooo!

  206. Matt says:

    I need a copy of Made In Brazil Mag #2 because it’s freezing here in Chicago and I’m confident that just opening this magazine could give me a suntan.

  207. ândria says:


  208. Lucas says:

    Eu quero MUITO a Made in Brazil #2 pois estou extremamente entediado e tenho a certeza mais que absoluta de que com uma cópia em mãos meu tédio se dissipará instantaneamente !

  209. Lucas Cheung says:

    Thanks for MDX’s amazing previews! Made in Brazil-the title of this magazine-just simply show what it contains for us. Nothing at this moment can compare with these beautiful boys from the dreamland-Brazil. Their lovely smiles are like a thread of sunshine, shining into my life, making today an extraordinary one. At present, coldness seems to begin fading away, for their smiles warm me deep in the heart. Also they, in my eyes, are just the perfect symbols of Michelangelo’s David in reality, showing the greatest beauty of male figure as well as inspiriting me a lot. Better still, the photography, unlike the one with too much modern technology, is very sensual, innocent and pure. Just like what I’ve said, you may easily come to a conclusion that these offer me such satisfactory as I have never experienced before, that I’m dying for this issue to feel in this way again. Besides, as all can foresee, I’m absolutely a fashionista, obsessed with anything related to fashion, certainly including checking MDX and reading Made in Brazil over the Internet. And one copy of this fantastic issue can really supply me with a chance to get closer to this world, no matter how irrelevant my current major is with fashion! For my endless passion for fashion, I think I really deserve one of your five copies!

  210. chris torres says:

    i need a copy because im gay and love looking at hottttttttttt boyzzzzzzzzzzzz

  211. jay says:

    i am really fan of brazil boys and the are so hotttt!!! those pics are really nice and in asia they are really poupular. if i can get of copies i will show pics to my asian friends and let them know the beauty of brazil boys!!!!!

  212. Carl says:

    I like the environment of the picture’s haha really good, to bad Francisco isn’t a professional football player. With the World Cup football in Brazil coming up, he could make a good entrance. Arthur Sales looks freaking hot, in his surfing mode. And that Jean Carlos Santos has some muscle power, amazing. I tried that a couple times but that last photo of him was brilliant. Beautiful is definition of the photo.

  213. Michael Sindiong says:

    I deserve a copy of Made in Brazil simply because I love Brazilian men. There are not enought Brazilian men to walk the face of the earth. They are the most gorgeous men on in the world! :)

  214. olvido says:

    que viva brazil hay pancho

  215. Billy Koenig says:

    I would like a copy because I am an aspiring model and looking at these models are a great inspiration; I would like them to continue inspiring me.

  216. fashionlover says:

    Brazil is perfect! The men are perfect! I need a taste of what Brazil has to offer. Please, so hard to get this magazine in the USA

  217. lucas says:

    Só pra acrescentar: sou fãnzásso do blog, acompanho a muito tempo e seria um prazer ter uma cópia da revista e um “pedaço” do blog em minhas mãos.

  218. michael says:

    Hmm….I deserve a copy because my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and this issue will be as close to Brazil as I can get for a while. I’ve been good, so I deserve a little Arthur Sales in my life. :)

  219. Mari says:

    Oh! God, Today I’m thanking you because I’m from Brazil.

  220. Margot Springer says:

    Ooooo these Brazilians are tastey!!!!!! I dont deserve a copy but it would make my Cristmas of the millenium. Promise=)

  221. Allen says:


  222. Digo says:

    I am changing the decoration of my bathroom and these pics are exactly what I’m looking for: Something to “inspire” me everyday during shower :)

  223. Lucas says:

    Gorgeous! Sexy! Delicious!

  224. Maria says:

    Who doesn’t adore a beautiful man, and a Brazilian one at that. As a woman, I can appreciate every last one of these images. Tall, dark, handsome men, complete with defined muscles and scruff making them that much more irresistible. But more so as a photography student I appreciate them for the things the normal eye isn’t even aware of. Perhaps that makes me deserving. I can only hope.

  225. Baron Corvo says:

    I live for beauty, glamour,and making statements. Anyone who frequents your website probably feels somehow the same. How addictive beauty is! Publications like Made In Brazil keep me imaginative and I applaud them for their work and energy. The brilliance of this industry is that it gives space to a host of characters: outcasts, wannabes, decadent types and purists, who make the world more loud, grotesque, and sublime – who fill it with orchidaceous beauty!

  226. Brad says:

    Brazilians are taking over! I deserve a copy to see how much an impact these beauties are invading the modeling world – and the previews on top show exactly how they’re doing it. Brazilian boys have never been hotter than ever before indeed! Also, I simply love Brazil from its confidence to its culture; always jealous that I’m not Brazilian myself d”:

  227. Ceejay says:

    I may live in a third world country, but that wouldn’t stop me from loving fashion. I’ve been following fashion for about a year now and what I noticed is that the Brazilians are the sexiest people in the world. We have the females: Alessandra Ambrosio, Raquel Zimmermann, Caroline Trentini, Isabeli Fontana, Gisele Bündchen, etc. We have the males: Arthur Sales, Francisco Lachowski, Max Motta, etc. Brazilian males are the sexiest models of them all, and I would be the happiest person if I have a copy of Made In Brazil. I deserve to win a copy because first of all it’s not accessible here, and I don’t have the money to buy it across the world. And most importantly, I’m desperate! I’m collecting fashion magazines and this would be a sweet addition to my collection.

  228. See Like Me says:

    I may live in a first world country, but that wouldn’t stop me from entering a contest for a free issue of Made in Brazil.

  229. Randall S says:

    Made in Brazil rocks
    Please may I have a copy
    Models dot com rocks

  230. Em1705 says:

    <3 the work made in Brazil does!
    Evan though I'm scottish I've been a reader of the Blog for a long time.

    As always the photos are beautiful, sexy and effortless.

  231. Leandro Nahas says:

    I want this magazine, cause i’m photographer, i’m man and i’m brazilian, and i just want it to inspire me to make others magazines like that, showing us and making you see how handsome, hot and sexy we are! XD that’s it

  232. Alex says:

    I deserve a Made In Brazil Magazine because I’m a huge fashion fan, it’s what I want to do with my life. And ever since I saw pictures from this magazine, I knew I had to have a physical copy. I’ve been searching high and low ever since.

  233. Phil says:

    Wow They do not look brazilian at all, are you sure they are not europeans?

  234. Fernanda Bromley says:


  235. Ms. Lachowski says:

    Francisco, I adore you.

  236. AMOR EN LINEA says:

    Wow! Brasil rules!

  237. Encontrar pareja says:

    Estan tremendos! Estoy buscando desesperadamente a uno de estos chicos para encontrar pareja

  238. Ibiza says:

    Wow. I want one for Ibiza

  239. Nats says:


  240. guia dota says:

    Awesome, this guys are cool

  241. Ashena says:

    holy shit I am love it so much

  242. guia dota says:

    the beach of brasil is wonderfull

  243. Jessica anuncios gratis says:

    are very beautiful, great job with these photo shoots, there are a lot of sensuality

  244. Carina Dielis says:


  245. Moro says:

    Moro ehdottomasti super photo hmm

  246. Juan Melendez says:

    wow so beauties models

  247. Badoo says:

    I love Diego Miguel! It’s awesome boy



    I love MDX… i’m the redactor in chief for the new french gay magazine Friendly.

    What can we share ?


  249. abdeljalil says:

    i love fashion models

  250. Sarah says:

    OMG…Francisco Lachowski it’s just so hot :’)
    you just gotta love him.

  251. Emily says:


  252. Lorenzo says:

    Glad to see a little body hair again. Embrace your hirsuitness!

    Best photoset was guy on beach diong hand stand and other acrobatic/athletic poses

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