Long on Style

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | December 2nd, 2010
Designer James Long creates some of London’s most exciting menswear and his eclectic S/S 11 collection was among the season’s most innovative shows and the first menswear designer
to be given a stand alone show at London Fashion Week in September 2010. Long’s mix of dip dyed tops, distressed leathers and lightweight knits, gave onlookers a taste of what cutting edge guys will be wearing come spring and provided a much needed jolt of energy to the menswear scene. Photographer Samantha West brings the thrilling look to life with a special editorial shot for models.com starring the debonair boys of Elite London‘s newly launched men’s division. Who better to capture the inventive spirit of the clothes than fashion’s newest muses?
Long on Style

Models.com presents an exclusive series of portraits
Featuring the boys of Elite London‘s new men division
Photos by Samantha West
All clothes by James Long
Styling by Morgan Hamada Ruiz
With a very special thanks to Anders Christian Madsen

Special thanks to Anders Christian Madsen
Models (Elite London):
Nick Alexander
Tom Fonteyn
Joshua Bell
Felix Branch
Austin Myers
Photography: Samantha West
Styling: Morgan Hamada Ruiz
Photography assistant: Joe Dahl
Grooming: Lina Dahlbeck using MAC Pro
Hair: Michael Jones
All fashion by: James Long fall/winter 2010 and spring/summer 2011
Special thanks to the NYCO PROJECT

14 Comments to “Long on Style”

  1. Irene says:

    I love it, it’s kinda dreamy.

  2. Alex says:

    Adore James long, especially the leather!

  3. Karl L says:

    FABULOUS! These boys are amazing. Can’t get over how strong Elite London is. The other agencies better be scared! FIERCE!

  4. Rose Sculley says:

    Amazing photography. High contrast and high fashion. Great combination.

  5. Great collection! I need to get one of the pullovers for me!


  6. The body painting leaves me a bit confused… it really doesn’t relate to anything nor each other + it doesn’t say enough on it’s own to have a reasonable presence

  7. brett walker says:

    David,better stick to subjects you know something about,the body paint works,its not your field so as I said stick to subjects you know about,don’t want to sound like a fool do we.

  8. jeremydante says:

    super sick- beautifully artistic execution. i love the shot with the sunset lighting & purple paint. dope.

  9. 彦君。 says:


  10. MJØLK says:


  11. PEP says:

    The rest of the guys are great, but the dude with long hair??? Give me a break!

  12. Lucas says:

    I had a knitted jumper like that bought from Mykonos 3 summers ago for €30…
    how creative! 😛

  13. LD says:

    Funny, I think the guy with the long hair is the strongest one.