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Alpha Dia shot with Tim Walker and has a Pirelli Calendar to prove it

Get cast for the Pirelli calendar. Check. Shoot with legendary photographer Tim Walker. Check. Meet Alpha Dia, one of the male stars of the all black 2018 Pirelli calendar that boasts an impressive list of notables. Before he knew it, he was in the presence of veritable royalty: Rupaul, Naomi Campbell, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Combs,…


The Moves

Choreographer Les Child brings his dance artistry to the world of fashion

simon costin

Interview: Simon Costin

From what he’s done for Mcqueen, to photographers such as Tim Walker, Emma Summerton or even his own personal projects of the British Folklore museum, this Art Director/Creative Director/Set Designer is a new personal favorite


Rie Rising

Since her performance in Femme Fatale has sent tongues…uhm.. wagging on our Industry Forums, OTM decided to play catch up with the newly blonde Rie Rasmussen this week. And rest assured, the rising actress is certainly maximizing her possibilities. Her fashion visibility continues into the S/S 03 season with campaigns for Moschino with Testino (who…