No Costume? No Problem. Beauty Takes on a Ghoulish Spin

‘Tis the season to be spooky but the latest MDCBeauty story has more beauty than bite. Photographer Andrew Yee and makeup artist Robert Greene take on high-octane beauty creations transforming Sasha Belyaeva, Jordan Moon, and Carolin Sunderhauf into unexpected exotic glam rockers with a fashionably artistic spin. One part Little Mermaid, one part Edward Scissorhands, hairstylist Jeff Francis matches the eccentricity to shocking effect with styling cues from Yana Kamps setting the fierce, yet eerie, tone.

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Photographer – Andrew Yee for
Stylist – Yana Kamps | Hair – Jeff Francis | Makeup – Robert Greene | Nails – Yuko Wada
Models – Sasha Belyaeva, Jordan Moon, and Carolin Sunderhauf
Fashion assistants – Alice Waterhouse and Sienna Wilson

Coat – Adrienne Landau | Corset – The Blonds | Turtleneck – Atto | Earrings – Laruicci

Turtleneck – Vintage Balenciaga from Albright Fashion Library | Black PVC dress – Piankov

Blue fox fur coat – Georgine
Top – Vintage Mugler from Albright Fashion Library | Safety Pin Earring – Laruicci

Top – Vintage Paco Rabanne | PVC Coat – Victoria Hayes

Silver, Black and Dress – Alon Livne | Fur stole – Vintage Ohne Titel

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