Naughty or Nice? Eyeliner Takes On Both Sides

There’s something inexplicably naughty about black eyeliner. Whether it’s a slight hint of shadow or a heavy hand of noir, its simple yet effective manner of framing lids can make all the difference. For the latest MDCBeauty story shot by Andrew Yee, we explore the wonders of kohl as model Yoonmi Sun shows off looks that evolve from softly shaded to darkly romantic. Makeup artist Cedric Jolivet plays with unexpected textures of charcoal as romantic waves grow wild with hair that embraces its full, frizzy texture – coiffed by Keith Carpenter, of course.

See more of the original editorial below.

Photographer – Andrew Yee for
Model – Yoonmi Sun
Hair – Keith Carpenter | Makeup – Cedric Jolivet using MAC Cosmetics

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