Victoria’s Secret Fav Lais Ribeiro Trains Like An Angel

Lais Ribeiro & Sadie Kurzban of 305 Fitness

With the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few weeks away, the pressure is on the always alluring Angels to get in top shape before their widely telecast performance. For VS mainstay Lais Ribeiro she’s no stranger to the rigorous #TrainLikeAnAngel lifestyle breaking down her extensive workout regime. “I focus a lot on core so if I do arm day then I’ll also do core. Legs day? Core. I try to look my fittest for the show,” she explains. An obvious sentiment for an in-demand model like Ribeiro but accomplished without becoming mundane by constantly switching up her routine. From boxing to Pilates to a dance workout at 305 Fitness, she asserts that variety is key to success and what more can you expect when lingerie and sizable wings are in the equation?

Despite all the intensity, Ribeiro doesn’t stray too far from her Brazilian roots and affirms that a healthy balance and not skipping meals creates the perfect VS frame – powerful and sexy. “I do love meat and rice and beans. I’ll eat a lot of protein before the show because it helps for energy and to build healthy muscles especially when you’re toning.” The promotion of that healthy mindset is a refreshing sentiment in comparison to an industry that often stresses perfection in less than sample size waists. “I don’t pressure myself too much,” she insists. “I have fun with my friends, I have family, I have a son…It’s all about being healthy no matter what. Don’t push yourself too much. Don’t compare yourself. You just have to feel confident and comfortable with yourself.”

Special thanks to Full Picture PR & 305 Fitness

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