Introducing Chloé gal Laiqah Omar, your new obsession

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At 16 Laiqah Omar may already have more fashion industry admirers than she does Instagram followers–her first post was just 10 days ago. “I was just a normal teenager, finishing my exams and looking for a weekend job to support myself through college,” says Laiqah. She’s just the well-guarded rarity casting directors kill for and with Spring Summer 2018 the secret is out. First in London, Michelle Lee debuted her in Tommy Hilfiger, then in Milan Ashley Brokaw saw fit to have Laiqah as a Prada exclusive. Detailing how she went from exams to walking top shows she says, “I was told I had to meet Michelle Lee and Karl for Tommy, things have kind of snowballed from there and the next day I was in Milan meeting Prada.”

Paris: Laiqah’s latest reveal was as one of Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s Chloé gals. Amidst all the prettiness and tousled-hair, the Kate Moss-height, half-Welsh half-Somali new face managed to provide a breath of fresher air still. Of her experience so far, Laiqah says, “Everyone I’ve meet or been cast by has been so supportive that at times I find it overwhelming, 10 days ago I was looking forward to starting college and now I’m in Paris meeting so many amazing people.” While she’s still breaking in her newbie status it’s very likely there are more major-bookings to come, but Laiqah needs no lessons in introductions. She adds, “I appreciate what a great opportunity I’ve been given and plan to make the most of it.”

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Photo courtesy of Ford Models Paris/Charlotte Enfer

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