#TeamRoan: Help support Sean Sullivan’s 3-year-old son’s recovery from lawnmower accident

After a horrific accident involving a lawnmower, Roan, the 3-year-old son of model Sean Sullivan and his wife Melissa, is now on the long road to recovery after he was left in critical condition. Roan is one of four children, Melissa giving birth to Adam on July 30th just days after the accident and while still in the hospital. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been started to relieve some of the hugely extensive costs of surgeries and rehabilitation. In the GoFundMe created on behalf of Sean, it states, “We do not know how much this is going to cost but we know that this tragedy will be financially catastrophic for Sean and Melissa. ANY donation amount, be it large or small, is SO GREATLY appreciated and will help ease the burden for the family during Roan’s long and intensive recovery.”

An Instagram under the handle of Team Roan continues to provide updates on his recovery, “Roan has already undergone 10 surgeries with another coming up to sew his arm to his stomach with weeks of recovery. He faces a very long road ahead with more surgeries, rehabilitation, prosthetics and therapies.”

It’s truly a heartbreaking cause, and if you would like to support, you can click here for the “Team Roan: GoFundMe Page.”


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