Karlie Kloss, 2013

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Anna Ewers, 2013

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Peonies London Two 076

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Cindy Crawford, 2013

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Emma Watson, 2011

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Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, 2013

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Anton Engel, 2015

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Joel Baker, Jason Boyce, Drew Hudson and Elio Soto, 2014

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Chiharu Okunugi, 2012

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Childhood 001

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Emily Ratajkowski, 2013

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Eromomen Esoimeme, 2016

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Coral Peonies Four 036

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Maryna Linchuk, 2011

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James Franco, 2012

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Inception 130

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Irina Shayk, 2015

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Melbourne, Australia 1994

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Naomi Campbell, 2003

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Lady Gaga, 2011

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Cindy Crawford, 2013

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Even if you’re unfamiliar with Mariano Vivanco, his work could still hardly go unnoticed–a number of his images have a garnered their own level of renown leaving last impressions. It’s Vivanco’s impeccable capturing of form (often nude and in black-and-white) that has become his signature and curried favor with the upper triages of celebrity subjects: Cindy Crawford, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, James Franco, Emma Watson and Sam Smith, to name a few. “Portraits Nudes Flowers”, an edited, but loaded, compendium of fifteen years worth of images, is his latest solo book and features many of the star faces that have been a defining part of his career juxtaposed against images of flowers. Proceeds from the book will go to Amantaní, a charity to benefit the children in the highlands of Perú–Vivanco himself being Peruvian. The book, published by Damiani Publishing can be purchased online here. Preview the book before its in stores this fall and read his interview below.

What made you want to create this book and how did the process of choosing images go? I imagine there were was a lot to sort through.
There were many pictures, 15 years worth! I just kept the editing and selection very personal, photos that were my favorites and I had to include. Of course this was about 4 times the amount in the book. Once I refined my concept and had a clear message in the book, one of optimism and well being, it made it easier to make my selection.

In the introduction, Tim Blanks mentions hypnotherapy, can you go into a bit more detail on its role in your life?
Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to use with anything related to the power of your mind. I first used hypnotherapy almost by chance 20 years ago. The key with it is that you have to fully want to make a change and have to be committed. The other key is that when you do the session you have to be as open with yourself (and the hypnotherapist) as you can be. A good one is hard to find, so see if someone can recommend one. If a hypnotherapist tries to sing you up for 10 sessions, then they most likely not doing a good job.

What do you think it is your favorite subjects have in common?
Their ability to relate to me and how they interpret being in my images.

Speaking on that, is there a particular person whom you could photograph over and over?
Rihanna, Cindy, Jarrod, Justice, David, Candice, Sara, Toni…. New talent is just as important for me and recently I have been working with Ciara Scelsi, she is Magic. Baptiste Giabiconi, he is Perfect. and a new actress Coco Konig… she is Amazing!

What’s the feeling now that you have released a book of so many years worth of work, is a new page being turned, so to speak?
100%. I am ready for the next stage!

How did you become passionate about supporting what Amantaní is doing?
My sister Paloma told me about them some time back. We met and they are the nicest, coolest guys, and they are helping children in my country!!! It was very natural for Juni and I to support them. www.amantani.org.uk

For my last solo book, 95 Chapel Market, all the proceeds went to the Childrens ward of Barts Hospital in London.

On that, I can imagine charity can give a depth to your work beyond art…as a creative, how does that inspire you?
It can indeed. Helping, teaching, loving are all human emotions we need to exercise and exemplify. If you can share your knowledge, share your wealth, you are doing the right thing. If you feel good, deeper work will come.

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