Inside: Chinese Fashion Photographers

With over $300 billion in the fashion and textile industry, China has cemented itself as a leading global fashion perspective. With that monumental feat, writer Pan Xi has curated the best and the brightest Chinese creatives for her latest book, Chinese Fashion Photographers in 2015. A motley mix of photographers and visionary professionals like Chen Man, Feng Hai, Yin Chao, Dan Cui, Xiao Mu Fan, and much more were interviewed and captured by the lens of photographer Hao Chen on their career highlights, the current landscape of luxury fashion in the country, and viewpoints on the current state of the industry. With all that they’ve accomplished, these talents show the radical drive that is pushing China towards innovation.

See some of the portraits below and be sure to pick up your copy when it hits stores at the end of the month.

Images courtesy of AgentPro (Beijing)

Chen Man (Patricia McMahon Photography)

Yin Chao

Feng Hai

Fan Xin

Liu Song (Red+)

Charles Guo

Chinese Fashion Photographers in 2015

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