Postmodern Art

Dress by Akris | Pink eyebrow MAC pigment in magenta madness

Abstract art takes an alluring turn into beauty courtesy of photographer Sebastian Sabal-Bruce with Larissa Hofmann displayed in hues of all shades for the painterly portrait series. Sabal-Bruce is able to capture the model’s sublime, glowing aura created by beauty team, Souhi and Thomas Dunkin. The raw nature of the imagery borrows from references as diverse as 90’s aloofness to dance visionaries like Pina Bausch. Check out the rest of the images below.

Photographer: Sebastian Sabal-Bruce (Red+) for
Styling:Nina Sterghiou (BRIDGE Artists)
Makeup: Souhi (Jed Root)
Hair: Thomas Dunkin (BRIDGE Artists)
Nails: Rica Romain (LMC Worldwide)
Producer: Jazmin Alvarez
Model: Larissa Hofmann

Turtleneck by Salvatore Ferragamo | Makeup Forever metal powder in olive gold

White lace dress by Jason Wu | Nails Chanel le vernis in coco blue | Blue lip and finger MAC- acrylic paint in high def cyan 

Nude dress by Stella McCartney | Eyes Nars Matte Multiple in exumas

Bodysuit by Audra

Bodysuit by Audra

For all images: Lancome Grandiose mascara | Skin illuminator Armani Fluide sheer | Aesop face oil | Sisley floral water mist | Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage | Lips Rouge Coco Chanel in Deauville

  1. Some of the photographs are fine but are you sure you understanding the definition of Postmodernism, or even Modernism for that matter. Searching for a clever title without substance is misleading and poor journalism. Sorry to be harsh but tire of the constant hype…

  2. is it the make-up artist, the model or the photographer that makes these pics so sensual?

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