Remix! Remake Re: Model

Heidi Verster/Supreme Before (L) and After (R). Ph and Polaroids courtesy of Supreme Mgmt.

Ever wondered what the process behind the “editorializing” of a new girl might be? Supreme honcho Paul Rowland forwarded OTM these Polaroids of a recently remixed newcomer Heidi Verster and gave us an inside glimpse into the method behind his inimitable talent for model reinvention. Here’s Paul’s step by step breakdown.

“With Heidi I always thought there was something extraordinary and extravagant about her face but she was such a pretty girl I felt like that was the obvious direction that she was being pushed towards. So the other day I just looked at her and thought… this girl is 5′ 10″ with an incredible body and amazing face so now we just need to make her look stronger! So I had a talk with her and explained my idea. She was up for it, so we made a transformation. The overall thing was to make Heidi harder, I always thought harder looking girls, girls who are a little more edgy were more interesting for the camera. I cut her hair myself. The idea was this kind of very Jane Birkin/Carla Bruni haircut. It really opened her face and highlighted her super high cheekbones. We dyed her hair the darkest brown we could without going completely black. The reason for that is once you dye someone’s hair black it’s almost impossible to ever get it back. So the idea was to go super dark, very urban, very New York with the cut being a little retro 60’s, early 70’s. We did a lot of research on Jane Birkin, found images and changed Heidi’s wardrobe to match the hair. It was an overall process. All the clothes are black or gray. Very simple and graphic. The great thing is Heidi has this beauty that mixed really well with the harder exterior and you can see where she’s projecting that with great confidence. I love a girl who’s edgy and rock n roll and lives Downtown but can still be chic. ”

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