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Kate Moss by Corinne Day for Dutch Magazine, 2001. This second run is currently available for purchase.

Photographer Corrine Day’s iconic images of a young Croydon teenager on the cover of The Face launched the career of one of the most famous supermodels ever.  What most people don’t know is that Corinne has been battling brain cancer for the last 10 years. Here’s a letter from Corinne’s friends who are desperately trying to raise funds for her treatment, with a limited edition run of Kate Moss prints.

You may not know but 10 years ago Corinne was diagnosed with a tumor on her brain. She has endured years of surgery and treatment which has proven unsuccessful.  She has suffered heartbreak and hardship and as she has not been able to work for the past year, she has exhausted all her finances. Her only option to continue battling this severe illness is specialist treatment in Arizona which has a very high success rate. If Corinne does not get this treatment there is no hope for her.

The treatment is very expensive and we have all come together to try to raise the money needed which is in the realms of £100,000. There is no time left and we have to find funds for her in the next 2 weeks.

We are offering you the opportunity to purchase this unique image at the special price of £100. This will raise some of the money towards the treatment. The condition of purchase is that the print will not be purchased for re-sale. It is for your personal enjoyment and therefore sales will be on a first come first served basis. Specifically you may not sell or offer for sale the print on any internet or website auction or through any commercial gallery or outlet for the period of three years, expiring 31st July 2012.

We do hope you can all contribute to ‘Save the Day’ and help keep this wonderful groundbreaking photographer alive and healthy. Corinne is a very big and important part of our industry and we know you will all want to be involved in saving her.”


Kate Moss by Corinne Day. First run, sold out last week.

We do hope that you can purchase this new limited edition and tell your friends.  If you wish to donate more to Corinne please let Emily know. We will be releasing another print in September, October and December for Christmas which will be the final one. Please email to purchase.  Cash and credit card transactions only.  4% surcharge for credit card transactions.  Postage applicable to orders outside of London.

  1. I think it’s a bit rude that people would comment about Kate or Gisele, and not about the actual subject matter, and this woman’s fight for her life. Corrine, I really do wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers!

  2. people READ THE ARTICLE FIRST before you post a useless remark like: I love kate or Giselle. It is about a woman who is trying to stay alive!!!
    spend all her money and now needs help. Please help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you all the best Corrine is battling this horrible disease.
    I hope people will buy the photo’s.

  3. corrine is a true raw talent lets do what we can to keep this remarkable lady alive.
    our thoughts go out to you & mark

  4. I think the most terrible about this is that it’s a matter of time – Kate it’s half a day work for you for a person that also helped you making that kind of money

  5. yes, lets admit it – I hope Kate has helped her out with this – its less than half a days wages for her. I met Corrine a long time ago and she is a remarkable lady with a vastly influential vision . Corrine WAS 90s fashion photography – I wish her all the best and hope she gets better

  6. totally agree with peter above(even though £100 is a bargain) my best wishes to corrineX

  7. Hi Team,

    What do you think about the suggestion to make it different with the part Database – Latest Magazine Covers & Editorials.

    Perhaps it would be quite easier to see first the models names below the little pictures and not the names of the Magazines. Then I can choose directly which picture I want to see, if there appears a model I like.

    At the moment it is somehow untransparent, because you slightly can recognize the faces, so you have to click on everything, to see which model it is.

    Best regards and thanks for the great webpage.

  8. Hallo, Just like to say its a great Idea and I hope you raise lot’s of cash for this very talented lady, so she can carry on her unique work.

  9. i think that’s a bit “easy” to say “i hope kate will help her, £100,000 that’s nothing for her” only because she is on the picture it’s like now this woman’s destiny is between her hands…
    if corinne will have “complications”… some people could say that’s Kate’s fault but Kate is not guilty of Corrine’s sickness.

    i really hope Corrine’s health will be better, and i hope her fight against the sickness could help other people and save many lifes because sometimes people need to know someone is sick (i’m not sure it’s really english, sorry)to make health tests and discover their own sickness.

    Corrine is an amazing person. she is not only a great photographer but a model for all the women with her fabulous talent and her incredible courage.

    i really hope she will be better.

    best regards.

  10. It’s not Kate’s fault she’s sick, but Corinne got Kate her start all those years ago so the least she could do is haul her butt off whatever yacht she’s on this week and help out.

  11. i really hope Corinne will get better. she’s one of my favorite photographers, it would be a tragedy to loose such a talented person :(

  12. Corrine Day is one of my favourite photographers, she certainly doesnt mind stepping out of the box. Im so happy she got better

  13. Corrine did some fabulous work. I’m sure she will be missed and remembered by many.

  14. so sad….lost a family member also to brain tumour aged only 13 xx tragic xx shes a beautiful angel now an at peace xx

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