RIP: Irving Penn (1917-2009)

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, in Marrakech, for Vogue, 1952.

An icon is gone, an era has passed.

For NY Times obituary, click here. For see more of his unforgettable images, click here.

Kate Moss, for Vogue, 1996.

Caroline Trentini, for Vogue, 2007.

12 most photographed models of the era, including his future wife, Lisa Fonssagrives, 1947.

  1. May he rest in eternal peace.

    He has given the world of fashion and beyond such powerful, iconic images. It never gets any easier to see an artistic giant leave this realm.. But in that split second just before you crack a frown, you’re reminded of the creative beauty and outstanding legacy of such figures and all one can do is smile.

  2. he was one of the best to ever do it i can’t believe this year

    R.I.P irving penn

  3. Herb first, then Helmut, now Irving!
    We all have our time down here, and they had their time, spent on thousands of hours dedicated to photography.
    Those images have a power that can stand the test of time.
    Mr Penn will be truly missed…

  4. R.I.P. Irving.

    On a happier note, I see Caroline got her wish and modeled for Irving Penn.

  5. [X]R.I.P [X] He was Genius and his art is immortal , endless such as the beauty of nature

  6. A legend, an artistic genius, gone.
    RIP Irving Penn, may you rest internal peace.

  7. He’s contributed so much to the fashion and art world, no one will ever be like him. I loved his work, magnificent.

  8. A endless source of inspiration. Penn’s images will stand the eternal test of time. His great contribution to fashion photography has inspired countless generations of admirers. Penn’s first book in 1960 was called “Moments Preserved”, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to describe his wonderful and timeless work.

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