For all the chocolate lovers out there, give me a holler! I’ve just stumbled across the most amazing morsel ever created! Nibs of cacao beans lightly roasted and then dipped in three different intensities of dark chocolate: Flavor 50, for the introductory experience to the natural cacao flavor, Flavor 65, for the intense cacao taste and Flavor 70, for the deep cacao rumble with a kick of espresso to it.
Created by a new grassroots company started by NYC based Sarah Endine called Sweetriot, the bits are so aptly named, it’s like having a sweet, delicious riot in your mouth! These delectable treats are made from all-natural ingredients, GMO-free, vegan and kosher friendly. The brand’s goal is to form a global Cacao Nation of chocolate lovers by spreading their philosophy through word of mouth among all those who enjoy cacao nibs, collectively known as “rioters.”
I’ll admit I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and will be among those who stand and hail “salute to the new nation!”

Available at Garden of Eden, 7 East 14th Street, between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, (212) 255-4200
or www.sweetriot.com

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