Twenty One

There’s no shortage of muses-in-the-making captured in Monster Management‘s show video “Twenty One” – featuring a cast of 21 models from Sophia Ahrens to Damaris Goddrie to Barbora Bruskova. With the number of agencies turning to motion to showoff their runway-hopefuls, competition can be stiff, but Monster’s stands out amongst the bevy of cut and dry comps with directors Bonasia & Narcisi’s eye for cinematic moments, making each flash cut worthy of screen time.  Amongst all the spirited model interplay an elegiac narration imparts a haunting impression of the romance of youth, adding enough lyrical sensibility to make it less a promo and more a visual diary. Cue the feels.

Directed BONASIA & NARCISI / Models Sophia Ahrens, Damaris Goddrie, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Sofia Tesmenitskaya, Sunghee Kim, Maryna Horda, Marie Jorgensen, Barbora Bruskova, Margott Bialik, Lera Bubleyko, Kristin Zakala, Oli Donoso, Madeline Dotman, Nastya Abramova, Sofie Buyse, Esmee Vermolen, Dido Jakel, Eveliina Lehtisalo, Jana Petrovic, Eleanora Kachalouskaya, Lauren Marie Young

Sophia and Kirsi both completely captivate in evocative films of their own, cut from the same footage.

Kirsi Pyrhonen

Sophia Ahrens

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