Langley Fox


Drawings by Langley Fox

Langley Fox is the chiseled-cheek, quick-witted creative with a twinkle in her eye , tattoos all over (13 at last count), and a penchant for posing. Her surname is cemented in the American literary canon as one of the greatest – Hemingway. Daughter of Mariel, sister of Dree, Langley’s family line is full of talent without debate. Still, the Idaho-raised, L.A. girl has been able to transcend her predecessors and create an artistic lane all for herself – whether in front of the camera or shading slender limbs.

“I just started doing illustrations and modeling,” the newly blonde stunner explained in our busy office on a Thursday afternoon (she quickly is going back to brunette). “They kind of go hand-in-hand for some reason. I’ve been lucky enough to have collaborations with brands like Forever 21 to Sportmax where I get my designs featured on the clothing.” Add collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Pamela Love, and Alice + Olivia and you’ll see she’s far from a newbie in the game as far as drawings are concerned.


Her entry into the fashion world was far less glamorous than simply being scouted on the street. “I went to school at OTIS in L.A. and then Parsons for fashion design and I just kind of realized that I liked drawing at home by myself.” Those hyper-realistic, pencil drawings created in solitude quickly lead to the interest by some globally recognizable brands. Modeling came soon after with the encouragement of her family and catwalk jaunts for Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Giles and Louis Vuitton followed.

The millennial-slash juggler (model/illustrator/fashion design enthusiast) has a positive mindset of easily going back and forth between her love of drawing and bringing them to life. “I would love to do fashion design. I think it’s either doing it on my own or finding the appropriate collaboration and being hands on in it. I think it would be important to make it something that I really want instead of settling. The future is so big and I have so much time.”


Her personal style is what you can describe as – quirky. Embroidered jackets, green felt pants, and rainbow socks are all loves of hers and she’s far from shy when expressing it. “I think I treat most days like Halloween. I’m pretty sure I dressed like a mime last night unintentionally!” giving us all a laugh. She captivates the attention of all with her charming nature and intelligent thoughts on the mood of the fashion industry. “I think fashion gets a little heavy and a little caught up in itself. It’s great to meet new people and have a career in it and if I can swing my art into modeling then I think it’s wonderful.” An it-girl by today’s standards, the craftiness of Fox is sure to leave its mark on the fashion world one way or the other.


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