Madison Takes Miami


Madison in front of Wynwood Walls

At the nexus of art & fashion, Art Basel serves as both a thrilling look at the art world’s current obsessions and as a global cultural event. Drawing guests from around the world to Miami’s sandy shores in search of contemporary art inspiration and a lively social scene, the winter exposition is known as much for its parties as its pop-ups and marketplaces. Art lover & model Madison Headrick made her first visit to Basel this year, escaping the New York chill for sun, sand, murals and installations. We caught up with Madison to discuss her whirlwind trip and get some insider insight on Basel’s vibrant scene.

Interview by Philip Pré
Photos by Masha Maltsava


Welcome to Miami

Which piece of art was your favorite?

MH: My favorite artwork was definitely Wynwood Walls! Such a great vibe, the colorful art and the height of buildings is pretty incredible. I liked the wall mural by “Maya Hayuk”, the neon colors and shapes can be a bit hypnotizing, I just couldn’t seem to look away. What’s also interesting about it is you can’t see where it starts or finishes.


I also loved the Brigitte Bardot piece by Terry O’Neill. Growing up as a teenager I was fascinated by Brigitte Bardot and looked to her for inspiration in my modeling career. I find her to be the epitome of what a sexy woman is.


Bardot by Terry O’Neil

Who was your favorite artist at Basel?

MH: My favorite artist was Peter Tunney! He’s so fun creative and really brings such a great energy to Art Basel. I especially loved his big lady bug golf carts! In the night you can drive them around the street and view Art Basel in a different way. I feel as though he is a main part of Art Basel, everyone had to get a glimpse of some of his work. I was able to meet him at his NYC studio before my trip and got to see him in Miami again and was lucky enough to receive a signed piece of art from him for my birthday gift.


Madison with Peter Tunney

What wound up being the highlight of your trip?

MH: Just being on the beach and soaking up the sun was a highlight for me after coming from cold rainy NYC. The events and after parties were so fun. Getting to share experiences with others as well as talking about their favorite pieces and galleries they visited was so much fun. It was just an interesting vibe and befriending strangers became so natural in this type of environment. There were tons of parties and events every night. I was lucky to get on the VIP list to everything, but there was no way possible for me to get to all of them. Of all the parties the most fun and memorable was Soho House’s, where we danced on the beach; I mean how often can you dance on a beach!


What did people miss by not attending?

MH: People that did not attend Art Basel missed fun in the sun, crazy art, fun parties, drones, and my 21st birthday!

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