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All photos courtesy of Emanuela de Paula

The travelogue is a time honored tradition and in the digital age it takes on new significance with talented creatives documenting their every move as they traverse the globe in search of unique experiences. One such talent is model and photographer Emanuela de Paula whose latest project, Manu by Manu takes readers into her world of fashion, food and exquisite locales. As an accomplished photographer, Emanuela captures trips from Santorini to the streets of New York, alongside thoughtful commentary in English & Portuguese. In addition, she shares homemade recipes, mouthwatering food snapshots and a bird-eye view of a globetrotting lifestyle; the combination proves irresistible and her well edited content selection puts it miles ahead of most lifestyle blogs. We caught up with the model turned blogger to talk travel, raw brownie bites and what made her switch to the other side of the camera.



When did you first start taking photographs?

About eight years ago. A friend gifted me with a film camera, and since then I have been in love and inspired to create beautiful images, just so I can capture unforgettable moments. The great thing about film is that you have to think about what you want to capture before pressing any button, and you won’t know how it will look until the film is actually in your hands. So it’s a creative, fun, and patient game. A while back, I heard that a new Leica “M9” digital was being released, and I happily switched without hesitation, since I’ve been a Leica fan for many years now.


Coco Banana Flax Breakfast Bars

Have you always been interested in cooking?

My aunt is an AMAZING cook. I have always watched her make lunch, bake wedding cakes and desserts back home, but I was never able to do it on my own as I was very young then. So today, I feel very inspired by her and the memories of her food. Whenever I decide to work in the Kitchen, I ask myself what she would make first, and then I start cooking.


What made you want to document your experiences in a blog?

I love taking pictures – I feel fulfilled and excited every time I have a camera in my hands, and for a while I was even thinking about having an exhibition.

Recently, I realized that a blog would be something constantly alive and not just an “in-the-moment” event that shares my experiences on a temporary basis. Traveling also made me realize how important it is to get to know different cultures and countries, and now my intention is to inspire the others to do the same.

What is your favorite recipe of the moment?

Like everyone else I know, I’m a chocolate lover, and about a couple months ago I found a recipe for raw brownie bites that contains cocoa, dates, syrup maple and pecans. You can make it in 5 minutes, and now I cannot leave home without it. I now make some for all my trips!

What is the most magical place you’ve visited?

I have been to many magical places during my journeys. Thailand was a truly unique experience based on their culture, but I’m giving first place to Tulum. The amazing energy I feel when I’m down there is incomparable. And now I have also chosen it to be my second home.

Which blogs do you frequent?

Song of Style, The Coveteur, Janni Deler, and Goldfish Kiss.


How would you describe your style?

Effortless – I’m very simple. But at the same time, I make sure to have at least some details going on or something special to finish off the look.

What do you want readers to walk away with from your blog?

I want my readers to feel comfortable and connected, even though most of my posts focus on distant places. I want to make each experience accessible and inspire everyone to travel and experience the world.


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