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Interview by Holly Miller

Rachel Trachtenburg is a uniquely gorgeous model, a talented musician, an actress, and an animal rights activist. Coming from a family of musicians, Rachel is debuting her first single as a solo artist, “I like to be alone.” The single is off of her new album titled DayDream Time Machine, due to release later this year. Her latest video accompanies the psychedelic-island-lullaby with muted colors and winsome dark but charming imagery. We love how Rachel’s personal style encompasses a happy mixture of colors and textures, and we wanted to know more about her background, inspirations, and her insight on the latest video.

Rachel on social media:


Tell us a little bit about your background in fashion and in music…

I grew in a family band (The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) and have toured all over the world playing music in different projects. I started on the drums at age six and then picked up the ukulele in my early teens. I’m now working on solo music with electric guitar and some ukulele.
I still drum full time in two NYC bands. (The Prettiots, and Larry and The Babes)

As for fashion… My mom used to make my clothes when I was little. Going to thrift shops and vintage stores was always a huge part of our travels. The 60’s and 70’s were always a huge inspiration to my family. I love the idea that there’s so much history to one piece of clothing. Fashion for me has always been one of my favorite ways of self-expression. You can usually tell my mood just by what I’m wearing. Colors and layers and patterns are such an insight to emotions.

I want to always mesh my relationship with music and fashion, they complement each other so deeply to me.

How would you describe your sense of style?

A wonderland of nostalgic feelings, and also very makeshift! I like when things fit funny or are hanging on by a thread.

Do you consider your style in fashion similar to your style of music?

Yes! It all comes down to taste. I like outfits that clash a little and I also love music that’s off beat without trying to be. Music and fashion give you an outlet to knowing who you are, and seeing that change, or not change, through out your life is so fun to take notice of. I love looking at old outfits or playlists I made years ago and seeing what I still like now. I feel like my music taste has not changed at all, but fashion wise I like to try new things out.


What kinds of things/people inspire you?

Dusk, jelly fish, dried flowers, outer space… Syd Barrett, Linda McCartney, Henry Darger, Sam Coomes, Jeffrey Lewis, and my parents.

If you could give any kind of style advice, what would it be?

Wear whatever makes you feel good or makes someone on the street smile. I have two denim jackets that I’ve embroidered quotes onto the backs. “True Love Will Find You In The End” (Daniel Johnston). “Lose Your Dreams And You Will Lose Your Mind” (Rolling Stones).

These make me feel good every time I wear them and I also get strangers telling me it made their day all the time.
Just have fun and don’t think about what anyone else will think.

Could you tell us a little bit about your latest music video?

It’s shot and directed by filmmaker John Zhao. We shot lots on 35mm film and just played around with fun colors and lighting. It’s pretty dreamy!!! My friend Kimi Selfridge, aka Tan Camera, took stills on set. It’s my first solo music video and I am so excited for everyone to see it!

What kinds of things are coming up next? Anything exciting happening that we can look forward to in the future?

More solo music releases and lots of shows! Working on lots of cool collaborations.


Check out the video for “I like to be alone” here:

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