1. Too young…I see her in a Teen Ralph Lauren Fragance.
    Maybe in a few years she┬┤ll walk the super catwalks.
    Good luck Rosie

  2. Yes, too young. But she is a cutie pie. She’ll be a great kid/teen model.

  3. A few years off, but pretty for sure. DNA should hide her until she matures as to not over expose her too early.

  4. she is the one in the first pic and last pic… just in case you are looking

  5. I don’t tend to shy away from model’s being “too young,” but she looks like she’s only eleven. =/
    She’s adorable so hopefully she’ll mature within the next year or so. I hope — she’s beautiful, she really is.

  6. She’s stunning! young fresh n fresh! I like how she has the young-ish look yet easy to put on make-up n make her look mature.

  7. She looked gorgeous on the cover of Vogue, looks 13 years old here. She’ll grow up to be someone special.

  8. Nice well she is young a little but I have to say that she is pretty and she can be famous in few years ;) Good luck

  9. She’s 17 which isn’t toooo young – I believe there have been MOTW that were 14..

  10. OH no ……I kinda know where the direction of fashion heading at…..looking at Rosie…The new crop of models are looking the same…Siri, Ymre, anna J, Iris, Sigrid . I called them the “Prada” Girls. All hauntingly, ghostly white…..after the Baby Doll look…..The new crop are poised to take over fashion.

    I love Sessilee Lopez, You can feel the Energy coming out from the pages, from her. My eyes, felt dizzy following the lines of her body when she posed! Next is Liu Wen, she’s incredible, I love all her photos. Last but not the least is Edita V. She’s just perfect!

    I hope fashion will give these three a place for them, amidst the Prada Girls who are the wave right now… I recognized their names, but they all look the same!

  11. i think that she’ll be one of those top models real soon she just needs the right trainig and she’ll be going booyaa”!!

  12. She’s quite young but she is very beautiful. I have nothing against young models though. They all start off at 13 anyways if she is even that. That age usually gives them enough time to get exposed in the industry and grow to their fullest potential as they get older. So, congrats to her for getting the cover of Vogue.

  13. yes,,agree,, too young to over exposes, just keep her for awhile until she’s ready to ‘pick’ from the tree.

  14. She looks young here but on the cover of Aussie vogue and in other photoshoots I’ve seen she looks alot older. And I think she’s actually 17.

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