1. I like his profile, but face-first doesn’t please me. He’s better from the side, in my own opinion.

  2. Sean keeps bringing new faces to the modeling world! great find! i wonder what great things await us!

  3. interview makes him seem a little arrogant, but his face is strong. quite feminine but manly at the same time, i think he will go quite far but wont be the next big male model.

  4. He has the look many boys have at that age in Editorial modelling.
    I fear we have seen this all before.

    Wait to see what I will find for you all later. ;-)

  5. Sean keeps on with the same type of looking faces, they all look as if they could be related! I hate this because anybody that has a unique look basically has no chance at least from NY models I hope there’s little of that when they sign “Sandhurst”, if they sign him. I feel we all should finally see a dramatic change in the model industry and see sparks, fireworks, lust and more! more diversity and more challenge, it’s a good thing this is not my job because I would definitely give these companies a run for their money and talent. ;-)

  6. Shakeena,
    I happen to think Sean has a very diverse group of boys he finds. Also not sure why you think NY Models don’t have unique faces. They have the very fabulous and absolutely unique Ty O, Dennis Johnson who is a very strong blonde. Greg Payne, Mikhail, Shih Han and more not “conventionally” beautiful faces.


  7. You go Brandon. I think your interview is honest and down-to-earth.. what the world could use alot more of. You look great; keep up the good work! We love you :)

  8. ahhh brandon this is so cool you look greatttt!!!!!!
    you’re soooooo cute! :)

  9. I think he’s absolutely beautiful. He has such a pure, sweet look. Very fresh.

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