Coachella Diary


“With my good friend enjoying the ride. We’re heading towards the sun / All Photos by Daiane Conterato

Coachella’s energy and style have elevated it from music festival to full blown cultural event. Every year we’re treated to glimpses from the fest, but what’s it really like for the lucky few soaking up the music, sunshine and good vibe? The multi-talented Daiane Conterato takes you inside her Coachella experience – sharing pictures, stories and a taste of Coachella’s trademark vibe.

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“Sunsets at Coachella are always like this…absolutely perfect and filled with the spirit of the festival itself.”


“My street style at Coachella. A little different from during the show season, haha!”


“The famous Astronaut! Everywhere you go, he will follow…”


“There is always something funny at the camping area. I wonder how many people sat in the “Couch”ella throughout both weekends.”


“For the first time in 3 years going to Coachella, I decided to go on the Ferris wheel…”


“…and the view was absolutely marvelous. Wow!”


“Here at one of my favorite concerts…featuring Kid Cudi! The sand storm on the second day couldn’t even stop our fun.”


“Another Coachella style. Relaxed and perfect for getting sun kissed.”


“Enjoying the beats of OutKast (And trying to stay balanced)”


“ZEDD has made a huge name for himself this past year. His set proved why!”


“Coachella is music…but also love. This couple actually got married right in front of the ferris wheel.”


“The final sunset – or more like an eclipse? Until next year!”

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