Top Newcomers F/W14: Josephine van Delden


Image courtesy of Supreme Management (New York)

The Josephine Van Delden momentum has been steadily building for some time, but this season the German beauty appeared in all the right places. With runway struts for Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Proenza Schouler, Alberta Ferreti, Fendi and Prada, Josephine is one of fall’s catwalk queens. With Paris looming in the distance we can expect the elegant Josephine to appear on even more top tier catwalks.

  1. Last season was her first or second and she walked 42 SHOWS!!! i dont think she is a newcomer at all. I always agree with you guys but in this case i totally desagree. there’s no doubt about her beauty, but in the same case there is a model such as CARLA CIFFONI that is literally slaying every major show including Gucci. but its not her first season either, so… dont get it.

  2. How does a girl like Josephine who walked 42 shows last season in all 4 cities be a newcomer this season?

  3. In response to how Josephine can be considered a “newcomer”

    The term is kind of a misnomer, over the years there have been many girls to get the title of Top Newcomer without being in the strictest sense new faces. Take Joan Smalls, Amanda Wellsh, Saskia de Brauw as examples – having been around for several seasons does not exempt anyone from being on this list.

    Nor does having a very good seasons previously keep you off – as long as you weren’t already named top newcomer or made your way onto the rankings.

    Being overlooked in the past shouldn’t stand against someone. There are SO many girls doing well these past few years that sometimes it takes more than just a couple seasons of walking all the right shows to distinguish yourself. Yes she walked 42 shows last season (which is amazing and tires me out just thinking about it) but this season she’s really knocked the ball out of the park too.

    In short, could Josephine have been listed a season earlier – probably, but that shouldn’t put a damper on her current accomplishments. She’s definitely earned her place here, she’s been rising steadily since that moment she appeared at Celine F/W12 and now it’s all come together.

    And if you haven’t seen your current fave pop up on the list just yet, rest assured that there are still plenty more to come and the list itself has been expanded beyond the typical 10-12 to allot for the fact that there are wealth of girls who are doing great.

    I hope that answers any questions.

  4. Josephine is very polite,nice, down to earth,easy going,funny..a plasure to work with..
    all her agents love her and other models shoukd take her as an example..
    she never complains and work hard..
    i am happy for her and happy to take care of such a lovely one

  5. It was nothing against this girl, she is beautiful and i wish her success! just wantes to understand the system.

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