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Alistair Mclellean, Beat Mag
Photo by Alasdair McLellan (Art Partner) for Beat Mag

“Models have to be quite diverse now; they’re almost expected to multitask. Meet George Barnett – super cool musician and model who is also one of the nicest guys around. I worked with him recently on the commercial for the new Burberry BRIT fragrance, of which he’s the face. He’s unconventionally attractive, with a grunge rocker look that people have been trying to emulate in fashion for a long time. Also a musician in indie band These New Puritans, he is the real deal and one to watch. I chatted with George about his modeling career…” – Wendy Rowe

WR: How did you enter the modeling world?

GB: I started modeling after assisting Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme – I wanted to be a tailor. My mum was a sewing teacher and it seemed where I was headed. Sometimes I wish I had just stuck to that, but then music happened and it all spiraled…

What did Hedi Slimane pick you for? 

GB: Well Hedi was into the music and he took photos of my band. I was oblivious to his stature in tailoring! We started talking about fashion etc. and he invited me to assist him at Dior Homme. It was an amazing time, I learned so much so quickly…

I also ended up writing the soundtrack for the Dior Homme show with my twin brother Jack.

You’ve worked with some of the best photographers in the business. What are your favourite shots?

GB: I’ve worked with loads of people… Alasdair McLellean, Willy Vanderperre, David Sims, Inez and Vinoodh… a lot of different people… God knows…

When did you meet Christopher Bailey? How did you get involved with Burberry?

GB: I met Christopher walking in his fashion shows. The rumors are true, he is ridiculously lovely. Thank you Christopher for taking the risk on me! And while I’m on that point I should also thank Elliott Smedley, Christopher’s right hand man, the stylist behind the shows and of course the new Burberry BRIT Rhythm…


How did you start doing runway?

GB: I started doing runway by walking in the Dior Homme show. Then I decided I didn’t want to do it – “I’m a musician etc..” – but I was pulled back into it by the promise of money! In fact, my friend Jo-Ann Furniss is always saying “Sorry Geeoarge” (in her Manchester accent) as she was the first person to publish a photo of me (by Hedi Slimane) that sprung me into the modeling industry.

I digress…

I started out doing Prada exclusively for a few seasons [four seasons] with the very talented Mr Rizzo styling. That was great – I was there for their whole creative process, doing fittings for them etc. The way they work is like nothing else, like kind of creating it as they go, it’s so to the wire. Which as a spectator is a lot of fun! Then after you do Prada all the Paris people want you… and yes, it all went alright!

“I just worked with Willy Vanderperre on my latest music video “Organ Eternal,” says George.

What’s happening now with George? And what’s next?

Right now, I’m touring all over the place with my band: These New Puritans
I have no idea about the future… your guess is as good as mine! I’d quite like to just go and live in the French countryside, with a girl, get a motorbike and sculpt…

To see George in action and find out what he’s into, visit Wendy

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