Lilly Dillon’s Grafiske Historier


Lilly Dillon is the alter-go of Rie Rasmussen, the young filmaker better known to the modeling industry as the former face of Gucci, Donna Karan and Fendi as well as the catwalker who’s span ranged from Prada to VS. With a debut feature film, “Human Zoo“  that opened the Panorama section of last Berlin Film Festival set to open this Fall in Europe, Rie also has a monograph of drawings, sketches paintings and photographs out titled “Grafiske Historier“.  As a pure and uncompromised expression of her way of seeing the world, the book is a fantastic statement of independence and intent. Right there on the inside cover is the legend “Absolutely no digital photography, No manipulation, Airbrusing or cosmetic retouching”. Beyond that lies Rie’s joyous celebration of the female form, her catalog of her restless world travel and the documenattion of her growing career in film both in front of and behind the camera. Working in the modeling industry requires the ability to make your peace with superficiality but to witness the passion and dedication invested by Ms Rasmussen reminds that the creative spirit in fashion is ultimately, irrepressible.

  1. she was the new Veruska…too bad her career didnt last longer..simply amazing

  2. I hope she makes a comeback, what an amazing model and personality.

  3. Truman, your comments are always entertaining and I’m quite happy to be the one to correct your incorrect refference of history this time around..

    Rie left modelling to embark on her journey in both film, photography as well as her own art..she’s been away acting, directing, producing, launching gallery shows, 3 of which are coming up, 2 in paris, one 1 in New York…this girl is a walking Star…educate yourself and perhaps you will remove the word was from your statement!

  4. Great to see another iconic model with a talent for art! Her work is slightly reminiscent of Egon Schiele, which is amazing.
    If anyone has info on where her work can be seen and purchased, let us know.

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