Model Artist: Victor Norlander


Victor Norlander is well known for his lithe editorial and runway look but his original passion came much before modeling. A classically trained ballet dancer, Victor reveals a different side for through the lens of Dilia Oviedo. Filming Victor doing what he knows best, there is no doubt this Swede is more than just a pretty face.

Video/Photographer : Dilia Oviedo for
Music: Lakitu-N6el for

Production / Interview: Kristen Bolt

When did you begin dancing
When I was four years old

How does it influence your modeling:
Dancing helps me to be aware of my body and movement in front of the camera

What type of dance do you love most:
Lyrical Jazz, second choice – street dance

What dancers do you look up to:
Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain – 1952

Favorite place to dance:
New York City


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